Approach A brief summary chapter seems to help students consolidate their previous topic-by-topic learning, and they appreciate such a chapter for final exam study preparation. By daire Follow User. Question 8 Discuss Axeon in terms of its centralisation decentralisation: There are two alternatives for producing AR Most importantly, although he appears to be taking a corporate perspective and, hence, comes across as an appealing character with whom most MBA students will identify, Wallingford is really parochial. It would also provide little incentive for Service to do internal work. Copy code to clipboard.

Case study research -. This is suggested by the requirement of a majority of local directors for the Hollandsworth board and the threatened resignation of Mr. Question 9 What should Mr. Based on this, the proposal to set up AR manufacturing facilities in the U. In many decentralized companies, managers would allow the division managers to negotiate a fair transfer price. V is a multinational Company specializing in the manufacturing of industrial chemicals.

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Directors initial axeon nv case study solution in the project, Competitors price strategiesSensitivity Analysis. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Management behavior — Mr. Globalization And Its Challenge. Further, the irrelevance of the fixed costs in the Netherlands proposal makes sense only if the Netherlands has, and will always have, excess capacity for producing AR If a decentralized organizational structure is appro- priate for Axeon, as it appears to be, then decentralization must be allowed to work.

With this result, the Hollandsworth managers thought that they had clearly demonstrated axeon nv case study solution potential for annual sales of tons at that price. What are the upsides of decentralization? Loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds.

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Download Presentation Connecting to Server. Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator. Allocating the costs also gives the department managers information as to what services are being provided for them, and it gives them some power to complain if the size of the allocations becomes too high.

This lowers the presented NPV even further. Planning Sales Purchasing Production Meeting of board director. Generally speaking, the advantages of centralization include economies of scale and technically skilled employees. If chemical is produced in Netherlands, funds of purchasing equipment in UK will be saved, average variable cost per ton and fixed axeon nv case study solution per ton will be reduced.

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There are two alternatives for producing AR Based on this, the proposal to set up AR manufacturing facilities in the U. Company is starting to move towards a high degree of decentralization. This incremental variable cost is the relevant cost when com- paring the two investment proposals.

The one exception is customer goodwill, so it is not surprising that Toyota mandates that considerable effort also be devoted to the measurement of CSI. Understand axeon nv case study solution to make minutes of meetings.

The departments are profit centers, but not all costs are allocated to them. Copy code to clipboard. Copy of Fat Bastard Burrito Co. By evaluating subsidiary managers on this broader level, in-house competition and redundancy would be eliminated. The service advisors are paid on commission, so each advisor is a revenue center.

Axeon N.V. Case Study

Wallingford to leave Axeon for a competitor are probably abundant. Both the line and the staff organizations have significant power decision rights. Products manufactured by one subsidiary are sold to other subsidiaries at the same price as to agents. This case is new in the Twelfth Edition. For simplification, this can be nullified by simply axeon nv case study solution the projected capital inflow, resulting from the sale of the old facility.

It is apparent in the case that some of the measures can be gamed. The plant investment decision 15 min. Subsidiary managers have autonomy to decide what to sell in their own territories.

Delete comment or cancel. Would axeon nv case study solution be useful to allow some subjectivity in case unforeseen events unfold? Instead, he chose the more self-centered approach of going it alone from day 1. Puente Hills Toyota managers worry about the gaming in the service area, and they seem to have adequate controls over these behaviors.

Does the dealership need an un-gamed CSI measure for its own management purposes? As the company emphasizes management decentralization, Mr.

In other words, the assumption of zero opportunity cost of the fixed plant is valid only if the Netherlands capacity is greatly overbuilt. This vote, if one is taken, should come very late in the class. De Rijcke questioned the sales forecasts. The case mentions one area that could be improved—service referrals to sales. Axeon used to have a axeon nv case study solution, functional organizational structure, but the firm is moving to greater decentralization to take advantage of geographical expertise in each of the areas in which it operates.

All other sales are handled by Axeon in the Netherlands. Present to your audience Start remote presentation.