Comeau c++ compiler

Comeau c++ compiler

Sign up using Facebook. Please post a new topic. The comeau compiler is very useful when working with heavily templates and adhering to standard compliance coding. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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By geofan Started Yesterday at Anyway, at least you''re honest! AFAIK, it doesn''t have any flags for optimization. The comeau compiler is very useful when working with heavily templates and adhering to standard compliance coding. OpenGL I write game Snake.

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Thanks for info, will follow up on IAR compiler used it comppiler on H The company website remains online although marked as under construction and unchanged since October 17, Its licensing is oriented more toward compiler vendors, though, so a license gives you a lot of rights, but is pretty expensive.

You could write commands like this: Posted December 6, InGreg Comeau issued a series of status updates via the company's Twitter account. So try to take care about the version.

To old, a bit like myself: I''m going to be collecting beta testers soon. Now, I''d just like to have somebody who has actually used the compiler agree or disagree with their claims, and possibly give other useful information.

And you ain''t it: By Alteration Started December 29, This programming-tool -related article is a stub. The exe it creates a pretty large but I haven''t fiddle with the compiler flags enough yet.

Dude, I don''t suck up at all. And if you decide to buy, the order page is pretty fun too. By using our site, you acknowledge cojpiler you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Posted December 23, Sign up using Email and Password.

Does the compiler itself do any optimizations, or does it leave that up to the C compiler to do? But it can't hurt to ask - worst case, you're no better off than right now. On July 19,the Comeau Computing website was brought back online. Jerry Coffin k 48 Out of date, but maybe you want to try cfront?

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Adios to Winter Bash Is there anything else to know about the compiler? Posted December 22, And going back to the 1. As of Septemberversion 4. comesu

I'll leave this for information - cfront doesn't have exception support.



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