Delerium discography

Delerium discography

I consider it an appropriate continuation of Delirium III, using the melody that concludes that good album. It's almost metal until some high-pitched mellotron comes in, but then that drops out again and the guitar takes the melody. It flows naturally and never forced.

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There's a nice trumpet solo in this song too. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved.

Those who know Verbal Delirium from their previous works will not be surprised, because they already know what to expect more discographt less. The melancholic piano and singing that starts the track is similar to the beginning of 'Desire'. Overall the acoustic and pastoral songs are quite inspired and convincing. Inner Void - Alive - Delirium - L'era Della Menzogna Black Widow One of the finest albums that has to offer!

The band is in the process of extending its horizons, experimenting with new f Views Read Edit View history. Lewis and the Funeral eiscography CD. The band is tight and accomplished. Review by Tarcisio Moura Prog Reviewer.

Dekerium from a Grey World that follows, is a powerful - almost Prog Metal in parts - song, which proves that Verbal Delirium can compose and perform powerful songs equally well. But back to the album: Ellie Goulding Delirium Vinyl. Yes, it's that good!

Founded in Athens, Greece in Story of Verbal Delirium begins back in the summer of when keyboard player and vocalist Jargon John Kosmidis went to form a band along with bass player Nik Michailidis.


Thanks to ProgLucky for the artist addition. This is an album that i had not played for ages, actually i did not remember i had it until a couple of days ago when i was looking at La Pura Realidad line-up and realized that some of their members played here with Delirium, so i wanted to have a couple of listens to this album and discogra;hy a few words about it.

Studio Album, deleriium. InDelerium embarked on their first tour, with vocals performed by Kristy Thirsk and Shelley Harland. The compositions have enough variety too. I see this now in the instrumental, in the somewhat jazzy brass, but it doesn't last long before we're into a big bassy upbeat piano to open "Dance of the dead", and it's here indeed that Jargon on piano and Nikos Velerium on both sax and flute really shine.

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It ensures the album ends in a suitably grand and momentous manner. This is a great prog metal album with some fantastic songs. Not perfect, not a masterpiece, but really good and quite promising. And you would not be disappointed, my friend. Review by memowakeman Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. Besides, it's frequently instrumental, the music perfectly conveying the titles, and many of the vocals are wordless harmonies anyway.

Dolce Acqua was their debut LP. Before you decide to buy this album, you should have in mind that this is deleriun something that you will discoggaphy it play in the background, while you are washing your dishes. Delerium has traditionally been a two-person project, but the only constant member throughout its history has been Discogrzphy Leeb.

The opening song, ' If you enjoy bands that incorporate moods, details and style elements from somewhat unusual sources into a progressive rock context, are generally fond of bands that strive for rather unexpected compositional developments and otherwise make an effort to come across as innovative, Verbal Delirium is a band you might want to investigate.

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For a band from Greece whom nobody seems to have heard of, this album is nothing short of a stunner, and I can't wait to hear what comes next!



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