Skyhill run with the hunted

Skyhill run with the hunted

Multitudes of one-album wonders could simply be lying in wait. Aside from these minor faults, Run With The Hunted is the kind of album that fits the perfect mood for late-night chillout sessions. Sabrutin October 7th Comments.

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Skyhill:Run With The Hunted (2007)

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Over the following years, Lennox and Avidan continued bunted perform as Skyhill, until Avidan gradually switched his focus away from the band to focus on his other musical project, Ninja Sex Party. Imagine Moby and Savage Garden having a jam session together, just minus the suckage factor which that mental image entails. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Run with the Hunted - Skyhill | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Two Americans making sith European influenced pop music with touches of downtempo, and a guitar section seemingly stolen from U2? Aside from these minor faults. Tweet Recent reviews by this author.

In most of these cases, and especially in "Glass Doors" in particular, this can be forgiven, as the awkward transitions give way to the best parts of their respective songs. Skyhill Run With the Hunted 4.

Skyhill came to me seemingly by accident in December of last year. The album's acoustic ballad "The City as You Walk" perhaps best exemplifies the album's atmosphere and emotional appeal.

Retrospective: Skyhill – Run With The Hunted (2007)

Login Create a Profile. This site uses cookies. I was chatting to a friend about the band Ninja Sex Party, whereupon I was informed the frontman of Ninja Sex Party had performed in a previous band entitled Skyhill.

For a self-produced debut effort, Run With the Hunted is nothing short of impressive; the production, instrumentals and vocal-work all seem professional rather than amateur in nature. October 8th Comments. I would totally marry Danny Sexbang. Ninja Sex Party Strawberries and Cream. Conversely, the guitars contain enough reverb and delay effects on them to make The Edge green with envy, and Avidans vocals rival even the most soaringly cheesy pop singers.

I was ecstatic to find that Dan had done some music before Ninja Sex Party in another duo called Skyhill, composed of himself and Peter Lennox.

DAMN this is well written count me in on checking it out. Some songs, like "Glass Doors," attempt a rising, falling, then rising again type song structure, and the transitions between the different sections of these songs are occasionally a bit awkward.

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Hot damn new song's out. You may very well find yourself disappointed that they only made one album together, but you can take comfort in the sonic euphoria of the songs on display here. I must confess; I have something of a love affair with one Mr.

There are, however, a few quirks here that could have been ironed out. You have to be logged in to post a comment.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. With its soaring and heartwarming chorus and the lone saxophone that bounces around the melody, the song reminds me of 70s songs from artists such as Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen that I was constantly exposed to as a kid from my parents.

If you love Mr.



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