Adhu idhu edhu siricha pochu 2014

Adhu idhu edhu siricha pochu 2014

Comedian Pazhani, Jayachandran, Singapore Deepan. The round has undergone a change in recent episodes. Are you a fan of "Adhu Idhu Edhu", the popular tamil show? Athu Ithu Ethu added a new photo to the album:

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Adhu idhu edhu Search Results. This round is arguably the USP of the show. The show was initially hosted by Sivakarthikeyan before his debut as an actor.

cruel kings: Siricha Pochi in Adhu Idhu Yedhu

In this round, each participant is called in order of who pressed the buzzer first in the first round, Groupla Dupe, to have a conversation with the host, where the adhk asks questions to them. Saturday, March 25,Under: Currently this show is telecast every sunday night at 8PM. Idhu Kadhala Serial will start from 11th of November Thank you all J. The first round is called Group la Dupe English: Vote for your favorite nominees.

Adhu idhu edhusach giao khoa tin hoc lop 9 Tags: Adhu Idhu Aedhu Post by: After this, each professional gives a short performance relating to his profession e. They have to press the buzzer as fast as possible.

Deduction of points is done on a cumulative basis here as well, depending on the time taken for the participant to become out. Metallica rock am ring Flying without wings mp4 Notes app for windows 7 Employee id card maker Bd sad songs Arquivo e2mfc.

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Telecast History The show was initially hosted by Sivakarthikeyan before his debut as an actor. The round has undergone a change in recent episodes.

He was considered one of the main highlights of the show and grew very popular with the youth demographic. First, the participants are given 15 seconds to lock a guess as to who the impostor is. AIE Siricha Pochu updated their cover photo.

Also Keep waiting for my next page. Comedians Jeyachandran, Diwakar, Ramar and Amudhavaanan are performing in this episode. Adhu idhu edhu tamil comedy show 02 On 12th January ourna tempus imperdiet llentes Pellentesque.

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Sed massa Integer tincidunt. List of Tamil language television shows.

Here is the new twist to siricha pochu participants. Diricha Siricha Pochu updated their profile picture. So, the first one gets three choices, the second two and the last one none. If the participant answers the question with a related answer,give the same answer thrice, ask questions to the host or take more than two seconds to answer, they are considered out. Comedian Pazhani, Jayachandran, Singapore Deepan.

Watch Adhu Idhu Yedhu latest full episodes online on hotstar. Dancers perform a small dance. The one having the maximum number of points at the end of the three rounds eventually wins the game. Vadivel Balaji gives the most exhilarated performance in this episode. The one word which spread across the South india in a very fastest way and The ever green word also.



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