Ganesh kumaresh colours of india

Ganesh kumaresh colours of india

Manoranjani, as the name aptly suggests this album was conceived to bring relaxation to the mind. Indian music like the wider cultural ethos of the sub-continent is all about assimilation, re-invention and confluence of diverse influences. In our society, we generally see conflicting elements getting together almost like a confluence. The four predominant facets of classical music are Raga, Tala, Bhakthi and Sahitya. And also all its Janyas.

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All human experiences are realised through kumares called the rasas in Sanskrit. Contrasts and confluences of all kinds have always found musical expression from earliest of times to date. A prayer for peace, harmony and happiness. In this album, we are presenting a unique concept kumarezh the Graha Bedam. This new opening also gives us the freedom to play the janya ragas or Ragas having the same notes of Raga Hari Kambodhi.

It's also like using the electronic tampura with the traditional tampura on the same stage. India has been home to mathematics since yore, and classical music is based on mathematical formulae.

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Bhavam is two fold. Aksharam Aksharam is a concept that has focused on rhythm or laya and used the same numerical values for all the other three elements of Raga, Bhakthi and Sahitya. When the intervals between the notes change a raga also changes. He used the same Mridangum for Sa and Pa. K V Gopalakrishnan was patiently watching Easwaran sir tuning his instrument for each Raga change.

Aksharam will portray all four elements with a stress on numbers. In our society, we generally see conflicting elements coluors together almost like a confluence. One is musical expression, which can generally be said as the techniques employed musically to bring out the said expression.

Colours of India

Now we get Raga Nata Bhairavi. These techniques vary from region to region.

In this album they present a unique thematic offerring - Colors of India - with patriotic and deeply sensitive ideas and musical contours. The link between tradition and modernity comes when the sampradayam of music reflects itself through the modern vision of each musician.

We have taken raga Saramati where in we have played the evergreen Mokshamugalada of St Thyagaraja. It's like wearing a jibba with jeans or having idli-vadai-sambhar and pizza-noodles on the same day or may be talking Tanglish or having the wedding reception even before the marriage is solemnized.

Graha Bedam is a concept where, in a given raga you play a different raga without changing the sruti and the notes of the given raga.

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Subtle grace and artifices come out in quick and easy waves with irresistible energy. And for expressing feelings through music in the best manner, they hone their skills using techniques. Such artists are uncommon. Excellent understanding between the brothers, deep knowledge of raga and swaras, kf with tempo and grip are the special features of the charming duo.

Technically this is much easier to play than the other notessince we get an open string for Shadja. Dedicated by the artistes to the land of Ahimsa.

These expressions help artists to convey musically what they feel. Classical ragas, folk tunes, mordern rhythm combine in a heady melange of sounds both traditional and contemporary. Shadjam Shadja is the beginning, the mother of Indian Music.

Music as abstract it is gives or rather includes different feelings in different persons. Music is not just an expression of a musician's thoughts or ideas, but is also a reflection of his or her own contemporary social life. Manoranjani is a garland of Ranjani Ragas, Manoranjani, Sriranjani, Janaranjani, Ranjani, Paamararanjani and Karnaranjani weave into beautiful and melodious album.

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You can listen to the change in the tambura sruti whenever we come back to Raga Kalyani and to the subsequent Raga when we shift the tonic GRaha shadja. There are some artists who forget themselves in whatever surroundings they are in and surrender themselves to the divine. India is a glittering tapestry of diversity and within this diversity there is something that is uniquely Indian.



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