The exterior is utterly white to make itself as a monumental landmark in this neighborhood. Each story deals each category: The guest rooms and elevator halls are decorated with art pieces whose themes including media, entertainment, and landscape. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings.

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There establishment shares sense of materials and use of art works such as walls decorated by broken pieces of blue earthenware corridor with layered tiles. Here shotenkenchiki some keys for designers to choose materials and builders and to work on their own as possible as they can, without compromising the quality.


A bakery kitchen and shop are gently separated, so visitors, surrounded by the scent of freshly baked bread, see bakers work diligently. Among them, a colorful patched column, made by Magda Sayeg, baldly penetrates through all the six stories and decorated column titled "Rap Warp" by Leo Sewell are positioned on all the floor levels. Small dishes for spice and handles of storages are all custommade and not that showy but elaborately detailed.

The interior materials include sprayed-wasted-coffee powder boards that remind us of sizzle feeling. Date descending Date ascending. This shotenkenfhiku is located in a station building next to JR Otsuka station.

Entering a lattice door, you encounter refined bonsai. Also, accent color blue is impressive. It is a new type shop for Loft, a famous company which nationwide operate stores offering household and everday-life products.

The environment design was created by Gwenale Nicholas who had created for some Louis Vuitton stores in Japan.

This project is a dentist's office located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Here art works and merchandises fuse to make shoppers experience this unique space of the store. The finishing materials are natural and accented with steal and mixed mortar.

The spatial design, based on white color scheme, used wood, stone, and other natural materials, to present a warm and comfortable environment. Different kind of rice paper is also used for umbrella stock at the entrance and the storage door.

The guest to this shop feel an affinity with people of the shop. Recently some stores, like galleries, display those merchandises like artistic objects in installations. Try all the RDB function for free during 30 days Register.

From the ground floor to the fourteenth floor tenant Kintetsu Department store, restaurants, museum, nursery, offices, and Osaka Marriot Miyako Hotel.

Spandrel walls are low so that you can see staff working at the counter and in the kitchen. Teruhiro Yanagihara, opened such a shop next to his office. Stores of vessels, tableware and other life tools are still popular among people.

As the hotel is located on the former site of the Asahi Shimbun Company for which a lot of printing companies co-worked at one time, the hotel quoted stories and memories of those relation in the environment with intriguing inside works.

You are to put off shoes to sit on roughly chiseled wood floor, then you open sliding door to enter a room with a sushi counter. Focal part of the interior feels solid.


We are using cookies to give shootenkenchiku the best experience on our website. Through black lave stone porch and a tunnel-like hallway with silver leaves and purple gradation, you will reach a cypress counter.

This April saw Milano Design Week as usual. Interior designers are often asked to work effectively on lower budgets, making the most of their wealth of knowledge and experience.

Strictly Necessary Cookies Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. The site is 30, square meter and the total floor area is 9, square meter. The exterior is utterly white to make itself as a monumental landmark in this neighborhood.

In this establishment, sushi chef serves as a bartender who is well informed about drinking with sushi.



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