Statistix 9

Statistix 9

Its easy to use, has what I need. The option of saving the output in a presentation-quality image file would allow me to simply import the png or jpeg file into the document. For my work I need to carry files of various type in a removable media to give presentation

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There are more things on the "want-list", but these are some things higher on that list. The transaction is very simply and you can get the information easly Cons: Camera professionals will have huge advantage from it as all the new photos taken on their Customer support has been excellent; however, we continue to use versions 8 and 9 because we have found some issues with certain utilities in Quick analysis of data. Certain data sets won't work but with a quick enough change you can input them.

Ever since I got to know Statistix I have used the program. I just wish the analytical capacity of Statistix expands over time with the quantity of data entries. Easy to use in a teaching environment.

The primary drawback to the software is the lack of presentation quality reporting output. Cust support rep and others in 'support' has been very helpful indeed - and fast in responding.

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I can do the most of the analyses of data sets very quickly and efficiently, it is very easy to use and intuitive. I have been using Statistix for well over a decade and it keeps getting better.

It also includes log files that allow one to document how a result was achieved. Ease of use in conducting basic statistical analyses. The user does not need to undertake heavy-duty or tedious programming for data compiling, processing and analyzing.

I wish they could do a few more advanced statistical methods, like SEM, or some econometrics applications.

Very easy to get into and no hassles ever during installation. Latest Updates Smart Defrag Dr.

It is so cheap for what you get I can run all my analytics through this with great precision and accuracy Cons: I found it very easy to explain to other people.

I like the variety of statistical tests available, along with its stxtistix with Microsoft Office software, especially Excel and Word.

To free download a trial version of Stxtistix, click here To buy software Statistix, click here To visit developer homepage of Statistix, click here. Easy to use after you figure out which test or function is required for analysis and much improved graphical user interface Cons: Great for exploratory analysis-Easy to learn for students-Strong data manip, graphics, analysis.

Statistix Reviews Recently Sfatistix Does all the basic stuff, including non-parametric and some multivariate. An economical program to analyze data that is user friendly and simple. The only con is that the data set size is somewhat limited. Description Statistix is a powerful statistical analysis program you can use to quickly analyze your data.

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Hi value, easy to use. This is quite unrealistic for the kind of work my colleagues and I do which involves numerous variable. The overall appearance on screen is a bit oldish looking and requires a bit of getting used to.

Shareware Junction periodically updates pricing and software information of Statistix v. It would be great if the output data for graphs, generally means and standard deviations or errors, could be output in an Excel-friendly format for statisyix and easier graphing. The graphing capability has come on a long way in the latest version but is not publication quality.

The cost is very reasonable.



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