Enabling Seamless Photo Transfer The fastest photo transfer tool; accelerate your content creation. File Sharing, Synchronization and Communication products are bundled in a single license. Ok Read Privacy Policy. Pay As You Go Plans. Synchronization on your terms.

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Hit Send once your message is ready.

Data usage resets every month. Binfrr add a link to your web drop, simply highlight the linkclick and hold on it, drag it to your Binfer platform and place the link in the text area.

Use data until consumed. Download notification Email notification. Type the Binfer Email account for which your are purchasing the license. Binfer would be a fantastic way to provide a platform for your remote workers bonfer sign on to and be a part of the team in the office.

File Sharing For Videographers. If the files in question are extra-sensitive, users can also password-protect the links to ensure biner the recipient is the only person who can access the confidential documents.


All in one mighty widget. I no longer spend hours waiting for videos to upload only to take them down later. This service provides you with the safety and comfort of a private server connection where you can maintain and handle your business. Who Should Use This Service?

With Binfer enterprise file sharing, one can experience the simplicity of email and security of an email, all in one powerful application. Drag and drop large files bifner into the chat window. Delete from Other Devices. The Dashboard You start on the Dashboardwhich is very user friendly and shows you what you can do.

You will then see your Online Contacts and My Devices.

Click on the bunfer with a down arrow to open the Web Drop tab. How Binfer Could Benefit You If you are a small business with your employees working in a building or remotely, this could help you access your employees and see where they are on their work.

If you are uploading your private and confidential documents, just so that you can share them with others, we have a much better way for you. You will receive an update on your message and it will move it to your outbox. Next you can click on the Files tab to add your files to the message. Never have to worry about connectivity outages again.

Engage binger Private Conversations and share files with your contacts. File Sharing For Photographers. We can also create custom licenses for your business needs.

Learn About Our Startup - Binfer: The Best File Sharing Site

After countless iterations of prototyping, researching, and validating the ideas and concepts, we have finally developed a product that simply works. Ok Read Privacy Policy. Another option is to Chat with your colleagues. If you click on one, it will open a new tab next to your Home tab.

Account Management Assign licenses, view payments, referral info.

Welcome Hunters!

We have the right to communicate and share without being exploited. Simply point a folder from your device to HQ, and every biner the data updates, it will automatically move between the devices.

Move Large Files Between Offices. Whether it be weddings, get-to-togethers, or birthdays, Binfer is my default platform for sharing important files.



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