Govi cuchama

Govi cuchama

Govi appears not only as a musician, but also as his own recording engineer. Govi's friends Karunesh and Anugama, added their touch to this recording. His music celebrates life itself and the moment which is right now and right here, where there are no past or future and where there is only a deepest enjoyment of life and acceptance of everything that exists. Living people German musicians New-age guitarists German guitarists Male guitarists.

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These compositions are light and airy.

As Govi grew older, he gained a lot of experience performing as a lead guitarist in various youth bands. Here are many instruments, which are perfectly played by Govi, all with a delicate electronic framing. This page was last edited on 25 Septemberat Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful.

Govi's friends Karunesh and Anugama, added their touch to this recording. These experiences led to his first professional gig as a member of a group that played original material and won a national band competition and a recording contract which allowed them to tour throughout Germany. In this composition, the smoothly flowing music with soft little bells seems to call us to recall our happiest memories - to look at the world through the eyes of a child, opened wide with surprise and wonder at the beauty of life.

Govi's music is beyond time, it brings into our world the aesthetics of the future. This CD, having a rather simple design, was released by the very young and small at that time Real Music company.

Cuchama by Govi (CD, Aug-1994, Real Music Records)

With this CD, Govi has mixed Caribbean rhythms, flamenco and Indian melodies, having added in the mix some oriental contemplation and meditative bliss. Govi traveled to India where he spent eight years and where his life and creative work have really blossomed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There, the famous researcher of Tibet, Evans-Wentz was often meditating, imagining a future in which the descendants of the conquerors from Europe and the descendants of native ggovi of the American continent, who were banished from their lands would become one equal and spiritually mighty nation.

Music of Spontaneous Celebration. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The main thing in it is a spontaneous joy to everything that exists; it has no reason, and nobody can spoil or take away this joy.

There he performed as the lead guitarist in bands like BlackbirdVirus and Weedwith Ken Hensley ex-Uriah Heep that played everything from rock to blues. He sold his electric guitar, cucuama Gibson Les Paul, to pay for the flight to India. Other New Age musicians who took part in the recording of this CD were: I'd like to tell you, in short, about this wonderful person, which one can surely include in a list of the most distinguished musicians of our time, and within that, among the best of the new age artists.

Having seen the guitar, Govi decided that he surely must learn to play it. Born on February 27,his birth name was Werner Monka.

Govi - Cuchama - Listen on Deezer

This is my favorite Govi album and my favorite composition is "Embrace" from this CD. Govi was born in Germany. In India, Govi learned to play the mandolin, mandola cello, sitar, bouzouki, charango and the 8-string ukulele.

The Best Of Govi. Have you ever heard of a musician with the strange name Govi? So, here it all began, and once he had a guitar of his own, the instrument did not leave his side.

September Gvoi how and when to remove this template message. At least part of the credit for the ever increasing popularity of the new age music is due to this already not very young and a little bit Gypsy-like looking man. Govi's music speaks to the very roots of what it is to be human.

GOVI - ГОВИ | ВКонтакте

While there he met Deuter who is considered to be one of the founders of New Age music. Once the boy passed by a little shop which displayed a guitar in the window. He spent eight years living in India. A crystal clear blue sky, on which wandering, snow-white clouds float. The success of this album was impressive:



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