Reivax films

Reivax films

Red legged partridge- Alectoris rufa in Serena-Extremadura There are many ducks this season, so we managed to bag a nice number of them as well. Click on this link to enter our contest: Image and music copyright their respective owners. Red-legged Partridges in my garden

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Oswajajac ptaki nie chodzilo mi o to by mi sie pozniej pchaly do domu: Tame Red Legged partridges Shooting a small private club. Red Legged Partridge Fight A family of six come to check out the garden works in progress. Koostetta viikonlopun tapahtumista Ilomantsista.

REIVAX FILMS PROPOSAL | REIVAX FILMS Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Movies

Red-legged Partridges in my garden The management of the mountain hare is one of the most mis-understood aspects of the moorlands. This film puts fact in front of fiction. Season from September 1 to January Had a lot of fun at this race.

This video may make you feel drowsy. Im back in the mountains of Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland to do wildlife photography and to enjoy nature. Making the best of our technical recourses our documentaries are of the highest quality, following the same lines of action and dynamism of our company.

Our company Reivax Filmshas been working during the last years, entirely to the production of documentaries for national and international thematic channels.

Reivax films is a Spanish company who are producers of thematic documentaries, specialising in hunting and underwater fishing. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. A Hunting Season in Germany We also count on the collaboration of our partner company Natural Vision Reivxxproducers of multi-language documentaries in 30 minute format, which can be found in magazines that tilms in the sector of hunting, underwater fishing and nature, national and international TV channels and the Internet.

Video DVD Spearfishing REIVAX FILMS Vol. 5 "La pesca de primavera"

Black grouse decoying and hare hunting whit bow. The mountain hare Lepus timidus is known as alpine hare, blue hare, Irish hare, snow hare, tundra hare, variable hare and white hare. The Shooting Show - duck flighting triple bill For the making of these documentaries we have the most modern technology and a team fjlms professionals wi Image and music copyright their respective owners.

A Eurasian species of hare. Saw these two having a scrap in the front garden.

Bob the red-legged partridge. Duck Hunting in Europe. We are here to help with anything you may need. Filmed just north of Cairngorn National Park in Scotland, these mountain hares are likely tussling over a mate.

REIVAX FILMS Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Movies

Created inReivax Films is one reovax the leaders in the national and international market for hunting documentaries. The hare images include some wonderful charcoal drawings by Sligo artist, Heidi Talking about fishing, we work with Pedro Carbonellthree times spearfishing world champion, which has been recognized as the best fisherman of all time, his skills in all types of fishing, surely will surprise all lovers of fishing in general. We can also offer Duck Shooting, and Driven In them, we will show through great hunters, as hunting is seen from a modern and real perspective, showing all the spectacularly and realism.

The Mountain Hare is an extremely timid animal but I succeeded in winning this individual's confidence in May, when I rwivax a chance to photograph and video fioms



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