Anne carson eros the bittersweet

Anne carson eros the bittersweet

Ties it to reading and language and the alphabet and the mysteries thereof. If something terrible happens to me one day, and all that's left is my body, and if, around the same time, something terrible should happen to Anne Carson and all that's left is her brain, I would hope that somehow medical science and luck would combine, and allow these terrible accidents to be resolved through a relatively happy solution, by which one of us not Ms. Consider whether this is what you desire, whether it would satisfy you to obtain this. It's been a month since I read the book, so I don't really remember everything that well, but she claims that love is bittersweet, or "sweetbitter" in Sappho's version.

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I love literary study, and feel it should be taken seriously. Through the course of her exploration of "eros," Carson offers fascinating cultural details on the ancient Greeks and analyzes small poetry fragments that I've never read before. Jul 08, Grace Hobbs rated it it was amazing. To that extent, she works through the aforementioned ancient authors and articulates a really interesting and vibrant picture of eros which fits nicely in its various contexts.

This book has flashed me back to a career in a set of disciplines that would accept virtually any theory, provided that it was discredited in its original and proper disciplinary home. The first is Zeno's paradoxes which she compares to the paradox of eros.

Fragmentsbut this is not that. Antigonick New Directions Paperbook. Quotes from Eros the Bittersweet. Even in this debut prose piece, she shines with insight and lyrical poise many essayists caraon quite bitterswwet few poets would begrudge her.

It wasn't how I remembered her, but how she existed in the world both not what I knew and what I knew. And again, I admit, I have also tried to talk about this book while hitting on women.

Write a customer review. To borrow a technique from Carson We love that moment, and we hate it. It is an activity of symbolization. If I wanted a scholarly analysis of Sappho, of The PhaedrusGreek culture, or any other of the countless topics Carson alights upon throughout Eros I'm sure I could find one, two, or many more more carefully researched, argued, and meticulously footnoted.

On the one hand, wordplay is fun, but on the other it has the ability to blur conceptual edges in meaningful and bitterswset ways. It is an act in which the mind reaches out from what is present and actual to something else. Nov 06, Saettare rated it it was amazing. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. My own personal experience is an important counter-exam It's all coming back to me now, why I dislike this kind of theoretical, transhistorical argument grounded in a series of close readings.

This book, via a tje of Sappho and other figures, proves a stunning, trans-textual analysis of variations on the constructions of amorous triangulation, whether that which is seen between three people nittersweet, viewers and lovers, or those triangulations created by either physical distance or prose via correspondence.

Carson often analogizes all three phenomena to the nature of the metaphor, which imperfectly captures the real in a symbol.

Eros the Bittersweet Summary & Study Guide

A book about romantic love, Eros the Bittersweet tne Anne Carson's exploration of the concept of "eros" in both classical philosophy and literature.

The author develops her points very well and uses examples that can act as reading recommendations for the future.

Because cwrson me the mysteries of reading and "falling in love with reading" is pretty distinct from falling in love with a person. Who is the real subject of most love poems?

Yet, her mind and engagement with the language is bold and contemporary. East Dane Designer Men's Fashion. I would say for the uninformed reader, the book is highly understandable although somewhat specialized; for the informed reader, it may lack some academic rigour as I've learned some are biased against Carson because she "thinks eroe is a poet," others are happy to accept her scholarly workbut it is an extremely coherent argument and interesting to boot.

Every hunting, hungering lover is half a knucklebone, wooer of a meaning that is inseparable from its absence. But this book wasn't that. Like eros, puns bitterswete the edges of things.

Phonetic script imitates "It is arguable, then, from the way they wrote and the tools they used, that ancient readers and writers conceived the Greek alphabet as a system of outlines or edges. My library Help Advanced Book Search.



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