What is the depth of field? Diffuse illumination through ceiling lighting, oblique light from surgical lamps or other external light sources can cause dark areas. Contact guard Sterilizable to reliably swing loupes up and down Soft case High-quality, shock-proof protection for your medical loupes and accessories. Technically speaking, the optical units for head-worn loupes are pure magnification aids that cannot have any negative effects on the human eye.

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This is partly the result of the improvement in distribution channels that app store provide, but is also a reflection of the 'race to zero' pricing trend, which has forced some developers to create simpler applications. What is an apochromatic lens and what are its benefits? Shadows are removed from the observed object and eymeags homogeneous illumination of the treatment field is thus not impaired.

EyeMags, easy mobile content creation, adds S60 Touch support

Optical magnification increases visual performance regardless of your eyeemags and natural vision. Each EyeMag is made up of ten pages, each of which can contain a mixture of text and images. TTL loupes, on the other hand, are specially configured and manufactured for the user. The EyeMags site will automatically create a download page and a version of each of the phones that the EyeMags service supports.

A typical optical aberration leading to reduced image quality is chromatic aberration. Reduce the distance between the eyepieces until the round image frames form a homogeneous circle. Cookies are widely used and help to optimize the pages that you eye,ags.

As a result, root canals or fractures laying in shadows can be overlooked. A study has confirmed that optical magnification increases the visual performance of dentists — regardless of age and also equally whether the natural vision is good or limited.

Eysmags simple way to determine the optical quality of medical loupes is to observe an object with straight black lines e.

How can you see the optical quality of medical loupes? What is the depth of field? As a result, the incoming light beam has to be erected to display the image in the right position. Doctors primarily want to see more details than they can with the naked eye. The depth of field is the distance between the nearest object plane in focus and the farthest object plane in focus within an eyemasg frame.

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Content applications are built by the server using WRT widget technology. However, this can lead to fatigue and pain over longer periods. Focus on an object through one eyepiece. Source for resolution and increase of visual performance Influence of loupes and age on the near visual acuity of practicing dentists. For applications in which details are primarily in the treated area, you have to sacrifice field of view for a higher magnification factor.

Choose a magnification level from 3.

Because Kepler-type systems reflect the incoming light beam through the lens elements, an additional erecting prism is required. Head tilt is minimal when the eyepieces are positioned in the lower third of the eyeglass lenses. We recommend using an alcoholic disinfectant or alcoholic disinfectant cloths for the disinfection of your medical loupes. This could immediately lead to irreparable damage to the eyepieces. Technically speaking, the optical units for medical loupes are pure magnification aids that cannot correct defective vision.

This frame is available in one standard size. High-quality, shock-proof protection for your medical loupes and accessories. The higher the optical quality, the less these phenomena occur and the better that reality is rendered.

This headband can be configured to the individual wearer.

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They are not intended to be full blown, feature rich, applications. Are my eyes protected against splash water and tissue particles?

The curved lenses protect the wearer against splash water and tissue particles.



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