Move on spongecola

Move on spongecola

After a couple of lineup changes, drummer Christopher "Chris" Cantada and Rampqueen guitarist Erwin "Armo" Armovit joined the band permanently. Pop Band of The Year During recording, Chris Cantada left the band citing that the heavy touring was contributing to his health problems. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Best Performance by a Group Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Sponge Cola sometimes spelled Spongecola is a Filipino rock band formed in This, along with a slew of other releases from other OPM bands, o the resurgence of Pinoy rockand revitalized OPM as a whole.

‎Move On (feat. Jane Oineza) - Single by Sponge Cola on Apple Music

Monday " and "Jeepney", slowly creating buzz in the underground music scene. Favorite Song - " Gemini " Let Gowhich enjoyed massive radio and television airplay. Archived from the original on Quezon CityPhilippines. Rising Sun award Favorite Performance by a Group From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Album of the Year By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Move On (feat. Jane Oineza) by Sponge Cola on Amazon Music -

Sponge Sporting Tourand the band won in several high school competitions boosting their popularity on campuses and in other schools. After a couple of lineup changes, drummer Christopher "Chris" Cantada and Rampqueen guitarist Erwin "Armo" Armovit joined the band permanently. In the same year, the band performed a cover of Madonna 's seminal classic " Crazy for You ", a bootlegged copy of which was shared and downloaded immensely via peer-to-peer networks.

Music Video of The Year - "Bitiw" The band was also featured in the MYX show "Myxellaneous", following their fast evolution from young upstarts to one of the more stellar acts in the Philippine Rock scene.

Independent Artist of the Year Drummer Boy of Sponge Cola will be leaving his Band". The Showan allusion to their roots in theatre. Album of the Year - "Transit" Dumbfounded " and "Pasubali trans: Please immediately report the presence on Rockol of any images not belonging to the above categories: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Fresh and innovative, District also ruled the sales charts of local record store Odyssey upon release.

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In latethe band released their much awaited and highly anticipated 4th full-length studio album under Universal Records.

Favorite Rock Spomgecola - "Bitiw" OPM alternative rock pop rock.

The album was certified gold in less than four months after release, mainly due to the success of lead single Bitiw trans: Favorite New Artist in a Video: Conditions ", were hits in their own right, and have proven to be two of the band's most requested during their live sets.

In the midst of touring the healthy local gig circuit during their senior year in high school, they released a 5-track, all original, self-titled EP in The band released their third album in September This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat



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