More info and images on my blog. As always, very keen to hear your comments. The idea here is maximum realism conveyed through detailed modeling of all visible parts, the use of some 3D-scanned models the stools, the wood bowl, the pumpkins, the pastry Just finished this scene.

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After some heavy-duty exterior work with the Nakagin Capsule Towerit's back to basics with this subdued Scandinavian-looking interior. Hi Folks, Just bbg3viz small heads-up that I've written an extensive, layman-language guide to how to achieve a photographic final look in renders.

What remains is this series of stills--test renders, really. Let me know what you think.

This is my first full commercial scene done with Corona. All the full-res renders raw. Home Help Search Login Register.

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I modeled the architecture and furniture based on stills from the film. Hope you guys like it. Two hours maximum per 2K image, but most were very usable after 45 minutes the last image rendered for about 30 mins and is grainier than the rest.

Very fast renders in general. There's a fair bit of post-work here: The idea here is maximum realism conveyed through detailed modeling of all visible parts, the use of some 3D-scanned models the stools, the wood bbb3vzi, the pumpkins, the pastry It shows fine in the diffuse, but in the bump slot, only one of the maps seems to be having an effect. Just finished this scene. You can check wires, more shots, a viewport walkthrough and some comparisons with other renderers on my blog.

Bertrand Benoit on Behance

Corona is perfect for this kind of work and takes care of the difficult illumination without complaints. This section allows you to view all posts made by this member. I published those shots on Instagram a while back, but given that I'm not going to work on them anymore, and given that Ex-Machina got an Oscar, I thought now was the right time to show them here.

Just published this yesterday. Detailed info here on my blog http: More info about the scene and how to download the full-res raw and post-produced renders on my blog here: More info and images on my blog. I've been fooling around with my Chicago Loft model, re-engineered for Corona manual material conversion is fast enoughplus a few recent models.

Have a look at the images: I think I may have found a bug in version 7. Hope someone finds it interesting: The 3D characters come from a variety of commercial vendors. Done with 3ds Max The other one shows flat.

The full scene--including its entire content and separate day and night setups--for 3ds Max and Corona 1. I'm making a floor by plugging two offset version of the same texture in a composite map with a noise map as blending map.

See what you think and let me have your comments. Please login or register.

As it happened, I got distracted, lost interest, and the one set I modeled--the underground residential quarters in Nathan's house--was so tough to render because of the many light sources and translucent glass that I gave up on the video. As always, very keen to hear your comments.



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