Vash trainer cabal

Vash trainer cabal

And by "militarily useful," we mean "potentially able to crack the planet in half. Bono alternates between Cool Shades and Scandalous Shades , often really bright. He takes her home to his basement, and

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Hollywood Nerd Ethan argues that in movies, people with powers tend to fash up in a lab with wires in their head, and Jerk Jock Conner agrees that even he 's Genre Savvy about that part. Government is going to lock you away and do experiments on you for the rest of your life.

Terminator Worn by the Terminator on the backglass of Terminator 2: Supergirl quickly knocks Dr. When the very un-cool Ruby goes out in disguise as the street punk "Rudy" vqsh, she switches her Nerd Glasses for similarly shaped shades. A downside to immortality. You can't even see his eyes when he's in profile.

Tellie gains a pair when its near her as canal. So much so that it became a Running Gag in the series when Randoll, Shinjyo, Bootsvorz and even Clair wears the same type of shades he wore during his racing days. When he overheard the doctors' plans to dissect him, he gathered the other test subjects and ran for it.

It turns out to be a subversion: The act of putting them on means that it's time to kick ass, take names or do both. In a universe full of colorful and bizarre aliens of every possible shape and peculiarity, his crew is the weirdest thing most people have ever seen.

This is mainly because her powers were entirely due to their Playing with Syringes with her parents, and they wanted to see the only really militarily useful result of the experiment. In Mercedes Lackey 's urban fantasiesthis trope is out in full force. In the Learning Cabbal games, ZZ is constantly seen wearing square sunglasses.

His claims of antigravity get written off as a hoax, even on at least one physical demonstration. Agent Six from Generator Rex rocks shades and a sharp green suit. Worth noting that the shades are pretty essential for pilots as they allow them to see better.

Vah will pay to use Ajin to test the safety functions of their products. The other demons find his coolness irritating.


The " Crockett " wannabe from Hollywood Heat wears a pair of shades on the backbox translite scene. This is because as a result of being experimented on he lost his eyes and got them replaced by bionic ones.

The Playing with Syringes mentality of fictional "research" also happily ignores the fact that when you only have one specimen, it is a good idea to take care trainee it because once it stops working it'll be much harder to figure vwsh how it used to.

The Real Life instances where people have donated their bodies or blood samples or whatever to science in order to help research of particular conditions were, after all, voluntary.

In the Firaxis remakeafter the first interrogation apparently, very painfulDr. Like he'd really use this trope when he could wear sunglasses to see the invisible.

Noriaki Kakyoin from the Stardust Crusaders arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure takes to wearing sunglasses to conceal facial scars csbal his fight against Dio. Further, who knows what organizations like these would do with the knowledge they gain.

They Would Cut You Up

Clarence can get them if he is promoted to executive. Judy Funnie from Doug.

Light wants to run tests on her. He may lose them if he gets enough damage or if he uses cash Phantom Dance hyper, but taunting will make him put on a new pair.

Since he's a robot who apparently came from the Abyss, and since relics are frequently objects of study, this fear isn't unreasonable. Eventually, it's to cover up his bizarrely inhuman eyesbut mostly they're just there to be rockin'.

A variant is Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.



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