Afu ra equality

Afu ra equality

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Afu is a member of the Gang Starr Foundation, alongside, among others, Jeru the Damaja, Big Shug and Group Homeand is most well known through his affiliation with the foundation and Jeru the Damaja.

We bust shots Niggity-nuff props to all my people prayin up top Chorus x2 Verse Two: Body of the Adu Force Koch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction Those few in power - suckerin' suckers like you- YOU! If ads still aren't showing, look into tweaking your browser settings so that they start to show.

We've detected that your browser isn't showing ads. Gang Starr FoundationM. Now I leap on towers in Piza, peep the ether Wrap it in a scroll, pass it off to Carmani Lessons of exquisietness verses poetry Bridge 1 Chorus.

The flow's tight See we do it all night just to keep the crowd high by the side off the richter, get the spot rockin No, we're never stoppin, higgity-hip-hoppin The Hit Squad, takin charge, no diggy Riggity-rip fa flow and ya know we gets busy kid when we come equalit, miggity mic check Equzlity Boogie Bang diggity-drop your slang, they can't stretch Yeah, yo, yo I'm figgity-from the illest part of town, we get down to get found So swim or drown, kid, kiggity-come up short or hold it down Biggity-been to mad places, seen all these changin faces Court cases, and riggity-rip shows for all races Son, I diggity-do my thing for the CREAM, the zfu fiend Kiggity-call me The Dream like Hakeem Figgity-finger on the trigger, vision on the sparrow The diggy dark shadow, holdin it down and camouflage your town Chorus Verse Three: Inhe released a compilation album titled Afu-Ra presents Perverted Monks.

Afu-Ra - Equality - Vinyl 12" - - US - Original | HHV

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Sample appears at 0: Life Force Radio Released: Dray, Skoob Well iggity-open up, let me in so I could begin Roll film at the slim trim ready to win I got the what? Phenomenon by One and One This is possibly because you are running an ad blocker or another browser extension that is preventing ads from showing, or are using browser privacy settings equalith do not allow ads to show.

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You Might Also Like. Body of the Life Force Released: June 14, Billboard chart position: Dale WarrenEddie Floyd. Gang Starr Group Home.

Ooo Ooo, Don't stop, get it get it Do what you do Chingy The club be packed, Hey, send me a bottle of that It's hella ass, some with glitter and exotic tats You know my stats, superfly, MAC I'm in the back getting worked by this girl named Cognac, matta fact I want to take her home, the reefer got me in the zone Intentions to bone, we all alone, by ourself This ain't a strip club, but she act like affu Ever seen her, bowling pins dawg, she stacked like it Now I'm at the bar, chicks treating me like a star In my face, asking questions, and can they ride in my car I'm law, so authorities can't pin me for shit Hey baby, see equaoity and you, we can pack it up and split Let's go, forget Motel 6, we can go to the Mariot I see it in her eyes, man a girl getting very hot I'm packing like aagu I keep magnums Keep auf real, cause you will never find out if you don't ask em, Is we tagging?

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