Keil delitzsch commentary on the old testament

Keil delitzsch commentary on the old testament

It is now a generally accepted truth of natural science, that the light does not spring from the sun and stars, but that the sun itself is a dark body, and the light proceeds from an atmosphere which surrounds it. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I would suggest not buying this set USED on amazon as many sellers are only selling a single volume of the 10 volume set but not mentioning it.

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Franz Delitzsch

What is said in Genesis 1: Who can set bounds to the divine omnipotence, and determine what and how much it can create in a moment? The periods of creation, which delitzwch geology maintains with such confidence, that not a few theologians have accepted them as undoubted and sought to bring them into harmony with the scriptural account of the creation, if not velitzsch deduce them from the Bible itself, are inferences partly from the successive strata which compose the crust of the earth, and partly from the various fossil remains of plants and animals to be found in those strata.

The flood prefigures the judgment of God upon the ungodly; and the deltzsch and blessing of Noah, the protection of the godly from destruction. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: For, according to the Old Testament representation, whenever it rains heavily, the doors or windows of heaven are opened Genesis 7: The man and the woman are the only exceptions Genesis 5: It is never joined with an accusative of the material, although it does not exclude a pre-existent material unconditionally, but is used for the creation of man Genesis 1: Hirsch lived in the same house as the Delitzsch family.

See all 32 reviews. In the account of the accomplishment of the divine purpose the words swell into a jubilant song, so that we meet here for the first time with a parallelismus membrorum, the creation of man being celebrated in three parallel clauses.

For in the light of natural history the birds are at all events quite as near to the mammalia as to the fishes; and the supposed resemblance between the fins of fishes and the wings of birds, delitxsch counterbalanced by the no less striking resemblance between birds and land animals, viz. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. This is also true of the arrangement of the whole.

Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament

The "seas" include the rivers which flow into the ocean, and the lakes which are as it were "detached fragments" of the ocean, though they are not specially mentioned here. Even if we render Psalm Ignoring modern criticism almost entirely, all his writings represent the view that the books of the Old and New Testaments are to be retained as the revealed word of God.

All three describe the condition of the earth immediately after the creation of the universe. By a simple and unvarnished description of the development of the world under the guidance and discipline of God, it shows how God, as the preserver and commentary of the world, dealt with the human race which He had created in His own image, and how, notwithstanding their fall and through the misery which ensued, He prepared the way for the fulfillment of His original design, and the establishment of the kingdom which should bring salvation to the world.

On the third, after the sea and land are separated, the plants are formed; on the sixth, the animals of the dry land and man. His chief work is the commentary on the Old Testamentwhich he undertook with Franz Delitzsch.

The creation of man does not take place through a word addressed by God to the earth, but as the result of the divine decree, "We will make man in Our image, after our likeness," which proclaims at the very outset the distinction and pre-eminence of man above all the other creatures of the earth.

Commentary on the Old Testament: 10 volumes

That this, the primary object of the lights, should be mentioned last, is correctly explained by Delitzsch: The first day commenced at the moment when God caused the light to break forth from the darkness; but delktzsch light did not become a day, until the evening had come, and the darkness which set in with the fommentary had given place the next morning to the break of day.

Bel divided the darkness, and cut the woman into two halves, of which he formed the heaven and the earth; he then cut off his own head, and from the drops of blood men were formed.

Most of the objections to the historical character of comentary account, which have been founded upon the work of the fourth day, rest upon a misconception of the proper point of view from which it should be studied. Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic.

And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

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Man is to eat of "every seed-bearing dekitzsch on the tesrament of all the earth, and every tree on which there are fruits containing seed," consequently of the productions of both field and tree, in other words, of corn and fruit; the animals are to eat of "every green herb," i.

All that is related of the primeval age, from Adam to Noah, deitzsch the history of the fall; the mode of life, and longevity of the two families which descended from the two sons of Adam; and the universal spread of sinful corruption in consequence of the intermarriage of these two families, who differed so essentially in their relation to God 2: The world will last twelve thousand years. Return of the Kosher Pig.



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