Mixemergency 2.1

Mixemergency 2.1

I know they are separate. I was let down to say the least. July edited July

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There is an issue with Scratch Live 2. Finally I can record my video mixes!!!

But you'll lose all the advantages of how ME does it. You're a legend Nick: To participate in this discussion, we need a few basic details from you.

I analyze my newer additions with 2. I rebooted restarted and all. Does the Rane 57 not still provide most of the same functionality?

If you must have a recording of your live feed, then use something like Screenflow instead. Imma mixemerfency this out at home and see how it goes: I am also a customer of both products so I had a free update of Serato Video.

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I was let down to say the least. That's what I'm asking In the meantime, you can either revert to Scratch Live 2. I noticed that SL has to rebuild overviews for several videos since the upgrade. Any help is appreciated.

And dont forget you dont have to have everything open. That 62 is money.

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I'm still too scared to go past 1. You should try 2.

So which scratch live and ME is on enable serato video, then disable, and my crossfader should link? I do understand that the ''back end architecture'' was revamped on Serato video in order to allow further upgrades and improvements but it is too little too late.

Here is a link to download the public beta of MixEmergency 2. SSL isn't even aware that ME is running. So is this way of reworking ME with Serato as reliable as the last implementation.? That means it's very light on resources and you can export at the quality of your choice.

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It's in the preferences: To see mixemergeny the features were the same old features from Video-SL and no real updates apart from back-end I was very surprised that they re-launched it as a new product when it clearly wasn't. ME would can't cause SSL to hang or crash. I think sales of the 62 are gonna jump up with this release!

I can't remember exactly which version that was added, but it has been in there for a long time now. I upgraded from 2. Excellent - Very pleased! I just put Mountain Lion on 1 of my macs and Everything seems to be working ok! I bet after or during the vjdc2 conference.



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