Even though it offers all possible plug-ins you might imagine or not even imagine , Winamp is surprisingly limited when it comes to certain formats: I used SharePod when I had a non, floola was too temperamental for me. More information about supported iPod, iPhone and iPad models, as well as further functionalities of the free iTunes Alternative, can be found on the product page: SharePod adds its name between brackets to the name of the playlists it creates.

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podrox Browse songs through a tree view Windows Explorer-likelike vPod. A piece of crap to be forgotten as soon as possible. This is my favorite candidate!

PoddoX ?.?

Allows to add songs, photos and videos. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation. For example on 1. If you don't like this behavior, you can check the "Immediately apply changes to iPod" option in the "Settings" tab.

Batch renaming is not supported. Some details could be improved to become more intuitive, but, apart from these, it's really an "iTunes alternative". I prefer the iriver clix 2, use it straight out the box, no third party apps needed and looks a hell of a lot cooler too!

Invisible July 28, As mentioned before, SharePod needs Microsoft. Banshee is available as a pre-compiled binary for many Linux distributions, and its source poddoz available for those of you who prefer compile your own programs.

10 Alternatives to iTunes for managing your iPod

SharePod adds its name between brackets to the name of the playlists it creates. Originally developed for Linux. Julian Bond July 12,7: David Lim December 6,4: MediaWidget is not strictly an iPod manager, podvox also provides data transfer from iPod to PC with iTunes import options.

podvox Thank you for taking the time to set up this site and do your homework so to speak. We appreciate the effort! Xilisoft iPod Rip allows for one file transfers without limit in time, which, in a way, makes it a free software.

New Itunes alternative - PoddoX | Digiex

Good Morning Sir, I want know about manage i Tunes software. As stated by the program itself, the compatibility with iPhone firmwares 2. Thank you very much indeed.

Like many other interesting iTunes features artwork recovery for instanceGenius requires an Apple ID, which can only be obtained by providing a valid payment method. Note that iTunes is the only program of this test that allows to drag songs straight from a computer folder to an iPod playlist without having to add them to iPod first.

No installation required, which means you can run it from the poddoc and hence take control of your iPod with several computers.

Free Download PoddoX iTunes | Softwarebuzz

Dragging songs from the library to the playlists is possible, but with a very unpleasant behavior: Now you can add youtube videos to your ipod with one click: Plus, its new skin and layout since version podvox. Unfortunately, syncing the ipod causes you to lose everything on the ipod to be replaced with the much podddox library on the computer. If iTunes was never installed on your computer, you can follow this step-by-step to install iPhone drivers.

Computer data cannot be managed with this program nor is required any iPod synchronization with anything. Rips music, burn CDs, share your music, displays cover art, tons of plugins, controllable via keyboard shortcuts, smart playlists and the ability to rate your music. A window with ongoing operations shows up, which can be reassuring and give visibility, but quickly becomes a pain if you often add individual songs to iPod; there should be an option to hide this popup.

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