Hp touchsmart magic canvas

Hp touchsmart magic canvas

Editing a calendar event Use the following steps to edit an event:. HP TouchSmart can play music from only one music library at a time. Tap the Next icon to skip to the next music track. To use the Media controls:

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Rating your videos You can assign star ratings to your videos, and then search by Ratings. Selecting an output format.

Use an avatar for a video chat session if you are camera shy, or if you want to record a video with different characters. Type a name for the disc, and then tap Burn. Removing a magnet from the Magic Canvas does not remove the photo, music, or video from the library. Listening with a Bluetooth headset Enable voice commands see steps above before trying to connect with a Bluetooth headset.

Printing your photos Use the following steps to print your photos:. You must have a Flickr account before you can view and upload pictures to Flickr. Software and hardware vary by model. Tap the Services tab and look for CalendarSynchService. Press the Previous icon and hold for a couple of seconds to rewind.

To delete a track from the list, touch and drag it to the Trash icon. We will be happy to assist you.

Sign in on the panel on the right, or sign up if you are not already a Rhapsody subscriber. You can also delete a tab or clear all the delete tags.

Touch mzgic Fan button at the bottom of the window to view your videos in fan view.


Select Train the speech recognition engine and complete the steps. Tap the Search icon in the browser bar.

Type the name of the clock, and then select the time zone in the list. E-mailing a calendar event with Google mail You must have a Google mail account to e-mail notes.

HP redesigns its Magic Canvas software, plans to install it on all desktops (even non-touch ones)

Calendar fanvas imports or exports the events to an iCalendar. Opening in Internet Explorer. Adding or changing the background for a note You can add a background to a new note or change the background on an existing note. Tap a song to play it.

When the voice recognition touchsamrt are completed, select a picture and speak a command. Searching for a photo by keyword. Tap the Pictures folder, and then tap the collage you want to print. The ideal picture size is x Select the Pen icon to use your finger or a stylus.

Modify your browser's settings to allow Javascript to execute. Repeat using other folders if desired.

This page requires Javascript. Hold your head still for about 5 seconds so the software can correctly calibrate and recognize your facial features. Working with canvs You can delete, add back a deleted tile to the carousel, and change the color of the tile. Logging in to Rhapsody music service.



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