Tony chamoun shakira

Tony chamoun shakira

The Marionite Research Institute. The Christian Science Monitor. The largest concentration of Lebanese outside the Middle East is in Brazil , which has, according to some sources, at least 6 million Brazilians of Lebanese ancestry , making Brazil's population of Lebanese more than twice that of the entire population of Lebanon.

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Population at the first day of the quarter by region, sex, age 5 years age groupsancestry and country of origin".

Lebanese people in Sweden. The Daily Star Newspaper - Lebanon. Lebanese people in Saudi Arabia. From 8 [1] [2] to possibly 18 million [2] [3]. Retrieved 2 December Rest of European Union [note 6]. Lebanese people in Kuwait.

Due to varying degrees of assimilation and high degree of interethnic marriages in the Lebanese diaspora communities, regardless of religious affiliation; most diaspora Lebanese have not passed on the Arabic language to their childrenwhile still maintaining a Lebanese ethnic identity.

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Lebanese people by religion: Many Lebanese entrepreneurs and business people worldwide have proved very successful, in all kinds of sectors and contexts. The Marionite Research Institute. Therefore, Lebanese abroad are considered "rich, educated and influential.

Archived from the original on A television ad tried to entice Lebanese in the United States to move to Lebanon to help improve the standard of living. The largest concentration of Lebanese outside the Shakkira East is in Brazilwhich has, according to some sources, at least 6 million Brazilians of Lebanese ancestrymaking Brazil's population of Lebanese more than twice that of the entire population of Lebanon.

Coat of arms of Lebanon. Views Read Edit View history. The Lebanese diaspora, while historically trade-related, has more recently been linked to the Lebanese Civil Warwith many Lebanese emigrating to Western countries. Archived from the original on 6 February Over the course of time, immigration has indeed yielded Lebanese "commercial networks" throughout the world.

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Kechichian, Senior 17 November Rest of Latin Americaex. Prominent members of the Lebanese diaspora include Presidents and Vice-Presidents, e.

Lebanese people in Qatar. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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The Lebanese government increasingly sees the diaspora as a critical resource for investment and new immigrants. The population of Brazil of either full or partial Lebanese descent is estimated at 7 [7] million people by Arab-Brazilian organizations. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Lebanese people Lebanese people by religion: Retrieved from " https: Lebanese people in Ivory Coast. Communities Native communities outside of Lebanon: The majority of the diaspora population consists of Lebanese Christians ; however, others are MuslimDruzeor Jewish.

Lebanese people in Belgium.

Lebanese diaspora refers to Lebanese migrants and their descendants who, whether by choice or coercion, emigrated from Lebanon and now reside in other countries.



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