Giftisa mera

Giftisa mera

When he has appeared on live television, he has drawn praise and criticism in equal measure - on the one hand, some have praised his disarming honesty and applauded him for addressing hard-hitting issues. Also in the same period, some publications were talking about tax evasion from him and other artists without providing proof or any documents to substantiate their claims. He also mentioned he had previously foreseen whatever is going on in Greece at the moment, while the Greeks "are sleeping". Retrieved from " https:

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Horeftikon Bloody teardrop: The second part, Erotikon was released in early and includes several successful songs, in particular "Kleinw tis kourtines", "Esti Ine O Erotas" and "Akouse Me Kala". Notis became a disc jockey in his early 20s.

Notis Sfakianakis - Giftisa Mera текст песни

Join our Affiliate Program and earn money just by recommending products. Notis Sfakianakis Plana ixografisis cd Oi notes einai 7psyxes giftisa mera mpampis anagnostopoulos 6 years ago. Notis Sfakianakis - Giftisa Mera Enastron In NovemberSfakianakis released a new album, Mnimes Memories. He has also declared that one of Greece's giant singers, Stelios Kazantzidisused to have a "somewhat okay vocal ability" and play a role when singing, while claiming that he would never sing at mear Greek Concert Hallas never would he visit a place that he dislikes [8] not mentioning if such a musical scene would invite him.

Notis Sfakianakis Guftissa Mera Www. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In the song he implicitly compares the people of the world gifyisa sheep, that must be wary of the threat of a wolf implied to be Bush.

Sfakianakis-Guftissa mera Barany Xam 6 years ago. Notis Sfakianakis and his family moved to the island of Kos when he was seven.

Meraa stance has drawn criticism, with some claiming that Sfakianakis is afraid of facing competition. Darkwood Dub - Elektro pionir vs. In Notis moved back to Crete to gifrisa his solo singing career.

Sfakianakis Guftissa mera pavlidis dimitris 8 years ago. Guftissa mera Igftisa Arxwn Spiros xr 2 years ago. Notis Fantasia - Enarksi - Gyftissa Mera dimitris 3 years ago. InSfakianakis had an operation on his vocal cords, leading to a two-year hiatus between his following albums, As Milisoun Ta Tragoudiaand Me Agapi O,ti Kaneis. Retrieved from " https: August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Many in the Greek community believe that this year period between Sfakianakis' last US visit was due to politically oriented comments he made during a concert in his prior visit that caused some displeasure among Greek-Americans.

Retrieved 30 December Click here to checkout our return policy. Also in the same period, some publications were talking about tax evasion from him and other artists without providing proof or any documents to substantiate their claims.


Apessos 5 years ago. Bourmas signed Sfakianakis to the giftisx, and Notis recorded his debut album Proti Fora First Time which made it into the Greek top ten.

Greek artist - Notis Sfakianakis "Gyftissa Mera". This song the title of which translates as 'Birthday' was originally performed by Cretan lyra player and singer Stelios Mpikakis.

He supported himself by working as an electricianplumberwaiterand labourer. Find similar framed art prints Hide.

He has sold over 5 million records in Greece alone and in addition to these he has sold over thousand copies of his albums as newspaper covermounts. He was discovered by Sony Greece and released his debut album Proti Fora Erotikon Mear teardrop: Kinonikon Bloody teardrop:



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