If you need additional licenses or buy an upgrade please check the Pricing information. Due to almost no traffic, the Lighthouse data fax has been discontinued. Working with labeled residues If you have identified a protein using peptide mass fingerprinting - how can you use GPMAW to extend these findings?

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Sequences can be exported in FastA format either singly or all sequences at once for easy transfer to other programs. Go to Downloads for more information. However, in cases when your identification is marginal or you may want to verify as much of the protein as possible i.

Sequence window Peptide window User defined pI values.

Peptides can be generated with partial cleavages, modified termini, and modified residues even partial modifications are supported gpmsw a limited way. Go to Downloads or to the Version 9. Peptide mass searches can be performed on any local database in FastA format.

However, a number of other bioinformatics tools have been included, so the use of the program extends far beyond simple mass analysis.

It can also run on Mac systems with a Windows emulator, but full compatibility is not guaranteed. Download a free demo. Please communicate by e-mail php bmb. If you are in doubt about the validity of your license, you may contact Lighthouse data on php bmb.

Multiple user licenses are available at discounted prices!

GPMAW--a software tool for analyzing proteins and peptides.

Click on the image above to gpmww a second animated slideshow demonstrating some of the features of GPMAW. The protein can be cleaved by automatic methods e. The function is quite flexible, as you can define any 1 or 2 proteins or your own cross-linkers. Perform peptide mass searches on any local database in FastA format.

GPMAW General Protein Mass Analysis

This will generate a new database with the listed sequences also in FastA format. As the installation of GPMAW now comes in a number of different flavors, a download assistant is now available.

From the sequence window a large number of actions can be performed. The time-stamp is identical so all users of To return to the previous page, click here. Please check download details here. Versions older than 9.

Graphing capability for hydrophobicity, secondary structure prediction, theoretical HPLC peptide chromatogram, databases as 2D gels etc, charge vs. Furthermore, you can now filter a FastA database gpmww on a list of accession numbers.

The species compiled into IPI databases now comprise human, rat, mouse, zebrafish, Arabidopsis and chicken. For details, please see the manual. Specific residues may be colored gpkaw easier referencing. Although the program is intended as a daily tool for mass spectrometric analysis, all protein chemists who work with sequences can use GPMAW to handle their structures and perform basic analysis.

The GPMAW program is primarily intended as a tool for mass spectrometric analysis of proteins and peptides.

If you are doing manual peptide mass searches you should test out the PeakErazor software for doing multipoint calibration and junk peak removal. This program will analyze your computer, try to locate an existing version of GPMAW, check for license file, download the correct installer, and activate the install.

GPMAW--a software tool for analyzing proteins and peptides.

In order to help with the sometimes confusing versions of the installer, here is an assistant to help you. If you simply want to identify the protein, and if the score is significant enough, at this stage you are done.

If you can access UniProt sequences, the most likely cause is a problem in the Secure Socket Layer, which can be fixed by installing the two files libeay A number of graphs can be displayed, hydrophobicity, dot-plot, secondary structure prediction.



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