Comment by Anthony Bloxham — May 25, 2: I hope that his legacy will continue to live on for many years to come. I knew him only by his music and by his pseudonym, I did not know his background or his story.

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Best wishes to his family.

He was an exceptionally talented artist and was always generous with his time even as he got more unwell. Oophoi used traditional instruments as synths and sampling machines, but also singing bowls, flutes, percussion woodchimes, stones, shells, crystal chimes and processed voices; all his music is recorded oopgoi analog-only devices in Ooophoi Kivahis studio, which used to be a stall in a XV Century stone country house in the hills of central Italy.

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Comment by Christian — April 15, He was oopphoi cancer for the last few years, perhaps a bit ironic, as he was a lung endoscopic surgeon, oophoj saw inside plenty of smokers with lung cancer in his career.

Comment by Kevan Townsend — April 23, 4: I hope that his legacy will continue to live on for many years iophoi come. An avid music collector since his childhood Gianluigi started his own music experiments inwith a basic instrumentation, trying to explore the shores of deep space-ambient. RSS feed for comments on this post. We felt their immense hospitality, and their love for this quiet music we make.

Created by using synths, singing bowls, flutes, and processed voices, his recordings have relatively slight harmonic variations.

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His music took me through many restless evenings when I first moved back to the East Coast. It was clear he was very ill and staying to himself lately. I feel sadness and loss when such an artist leaves his body behind on this tortured planet … thank God we have his recordings. Grateful for the gifts he gave us…sorrowful he is gone.

I was fortunate enough to have several email conversations with him in the last year. As i do often, i was searching for info about new releases from him and Umbra. I just started properly getting into his music a few months ago, and some of it has served as atmospheric inspiration for my story writing and my own music. It has an overall solid and monolithic feel to it, often integrated in a meditative and spiritual context.

Oöphoi | Album Discography | AllMusic

It will be dedicated to Gianluigi. I learned that Gianluigi Gasparetti passed away early today. Sign up for my newsletter Facebook Twitter. He was a truly great artist and will be oophou so much. This is sad news indeed.

I learned he was ill from common friends. I just found out this news.

My Oophoi collection is barely getting started as there is so much treasure to gather. He was perhaps best known for his role as the editor of Deep Listeningsan Italian magazine dedicated to ambient and deep atmospheric music, where he featured interviews with many famous ambient artists including Steve Roach and Oopyoi Stearns.

I had not spoken with Oo;hoi in the last several years. I knew him only by his music and by his pseudonym, I did not know his background or his story.

Gigi — we will miss your passion, your focus, your intelligence, your clarity, your creativity, your generosity and warm hospitality.

Comment by Anthony Bloxham — May 25, 2: He will be so missed.

Comment by Dave Kajganich — May 25, 3: You must be logged in to post a comment.



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