Rockchip batch tool v1.6

Rockchip batch tool v1.6

You only need to load a firmware file and connect to the phone in order to upgrade or restore it. Will the Rockchip Batch Tool v1. There's another "settings" icon which opens not the standard settinge and there on the "system" tab? PyromaniacB , Mar 13,

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Flashing your Rockchip RK3188 based tablet with Rockchip Batch Tool v1.7

Deepankar Biswas likes this. This thing is in chinese!!! You may also like. I have the driver installation solved. Like us on Facebook.

MK Not Recognised By RockChip Batch Tool … | Android Stick & Console Computers

Our Reader Score [Total: Works for Multiple Devices The Rockchip tool works over different phones and tablets. Pretty awesome Im so stoked the cam feature works now I bought a logitech c works like a charm didnt btach pay alot till this was fixed soon Ill buy a better one seeing I got it for 10 bucks new game control is great rigged a small v16.

powered by a phone plug that I no longer used from a junky old phone keeps the tv stick super cool Im loving this little guy for sure on my 50 inch smart tv now more smart lol Thanks for the great update Im impressed. Straight Forward User Interface Rather than a complex UI with command line inputs, the Rockchip batch tool comes with buttons and icons. I have also tried in WinXP. Just like many other chipset-dependent flash tools, the Rockchip batch program is designed to work only with specific hardware.

Any suggestions, tips, help? I rockhip everything possible. After installing, I try to run the BatchTool from here and it shows no connected devices. May 23, Download Rockchip Batch Tool v1. All of these are placed logically and serve a unique purpose.

If I can impose one more time Watch our photo albums on Flickr. I hope thats the one. As the name clearly states, the application can be used for the devices that are built around the Rockchip circuit which is mainly used in mobile devices such as tablets, MP3 players, smartphones and ebook readers.

And any idea if installing this mess with my CWM Recovery and the ability to restore a nandroid backup of my current Finless 1. It showed up with "adb devices" but not in the RockChip tool.

rocchip I copied the files from zip to desktop and it works a treat Any help would be great…. Must follow two guides in german!

There are multiple version releases for the program and fortunately we have fast download links available for all of them. Thanks in advance for any help. This tool is windows only.

Download Rockchip Batch Tool from here, run it on your Windows computer and flash stock Android firmware on v.16 device with Rockchipset. I need to click "switch" to get it green.

Log in or Sign up. Perhaps my understanding is too basic Rockchip Batch Tool has been updated to version 1.

Download Rockchip Batch Tool (All Versions)

Hi, I assume that as you are getting a php file when you download this update, that you are downloading direct to your tablet, you need to download it to a windows computer and flash your tablet from that. During the upgrade process you can view the performed operation and the progress in the main window.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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