The glass palace by amitav ghosh

The glass palace by amitav ghosh

That would be far longer print copy than I would want to approach. All in all, I expected to be more interested than I was. And it broke the family saga's continuity of deep characterization, IMHO. Amitav Ghosh came to the attention of the literary world earlier this year when he refused the Best Book Prize from the Commonwealth Foundation.

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In a very happy coincidence, I was reading this book while on a vacation to Malaysia. So here goes, and I'll try to cut to the chase more quickly now. Parts of it ghodh absolutely magical.

The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh

They become extraordinary in our minds of the reader, as we travel with them through a century of social upheaval and political turmoil. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. What's the Name o Rags to riches stories were very common among Indians in Burma.

Even minor characters like the Collector, Kishan Singh, Saya John offer us plenty of food for thought, and that's another indication of how richly layered this book is. Heavily detailed and evocative, this is a read which teaches you a lot about the time and place of the countries involved. I feel like Ghosh is a writer with flashes of a brilliance I could love who too often gets tangled up in his need to instruct, to fill in the deplorable gaps in our understanding of colonialism and Southeast Asia.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Even Rajkumar appears in a constant state of escape and return, from his early abandonment at age Also by Amitav Ghosh.

The Glass Palace Reader’s Guide

NOW where is this lady residing? Would this sort of fluidity have been possible? View all 26 comments. Claire Sexton Ghosg have nearly finished the book and am loving every minute. Extremely well researched and no wonder it took 6 years of research for this book.

The Glass Palace

View all 7 comments. The Glass Palace Hardback 1st edition cover.

The story opens in the Mandalay neighborhood surrounding the residence and seat of government of Burma's last king, Thebaw Glss. Why does society not look upon Imperial soldiers with the same scorn it holds for those soldiers committing atrocities under fascist regimes?

She is ten years old as the novel opens. Politico explanations and ideology viewed through bias and murky lens colonist colonial theory, a 2. Sep 10, jordan rated it it was amazing.

After a long gap of years, I have only recently resumed reading ligh If you like sagas, this was a good one, but in common with a lot of sagas is the large cast of characters. The experience of journeying abroad frequently served to radicalize Indians, men and women alike this is true to this day.

What strengths do these women express, and at what points are they identified and illuminated in the novel? Because pretty much everything in this book is good stuff.

Over the course of the novel, the division between conquerors and conquered becomes increasingly hard to distinguish. In this context, Arjun would have to be my favourite character and many a lump-in-the-throat moments are courtesy him.

The only reason why I don't rate it higher is because it was too long. Alison and Uma get us thinking of feminism and through Arjun and Dinu, we also get perspectives about man and his concepts of freedom.

King Thebaw is revered by the local community, and in time the family come to feel secure and even happy in their new surroundings. Amitav Ghosh tells the story of a family and the tumultuous history of Burma Myanmar.



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