Some search form bugs [v3. Booking form builder Build and add your own custom fields in the booking check-out form to collect any information you need for each reservation. Awebooking will give you power to build up your online hotel booking system at speed and at ease. New style for confirm dialog in admin area. Cannot send email when have multiple recipients.

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You just know it the moment you see it.

AweBooking – Online Hotel Booking – Hotella Documentation

You can see plugin demo here. The documentation does not help either because it does not detail the list of rules, and for that reason we can not know waebooking it is useful or not. Awebooking will give you power to build up your online hotel booking system at speed and at ease. Get it now cause you're almost to the success!

Free version Premium addons.

Fixed display wrong price in email. Cancelled email now send to customer instead to admin. You can check plugin description page here for detail features. Aweboooking Issues resolved in last two months: Tax Easily enable and apply hotel occupation tax for all or even each individual room rate that your state or locality may require.

They told us they fixed it and it still does not work.

User profile Allow users to quickly create account to check and manage their bookings in your hotel website. New style for confirm dialog in admin area. The following people have contributed to this plugin. The support team is always friendly and helpful.

Awebooking brings you easiest way to setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily, rent accommodations with detail services, receive online reservations. Now, you can translate your site in any language you prefer. The new Awebooking 3.

Donate to this plugin. Auto update checked-out status in booking Fixed the gateway instruction in email and thankyou page Prepare for v3.

awenooking Some search form bugs [v3. Convert to simple checkout process which supports sending contact and booking request email to admin without any hassle of multiple booking steps.

AweBooking - Online Hotel Booking WordPress Plugin | Awethemes

A clever way to lure in more guests and make more money by adding separate mandatory charged fee to the room rate. All the booking system will perfectly match your theme design. Booking not store the hotel ID Fixed: Minor bug fixes [v3. The prices include tax not work as expected.

AweBooking – Hotel Booking System

Check available widget Awebooking is widget ready so you can awebookig add the booking form to site sidebar. They have helped me a lot in configuring awebooking plugin for room reservations. Price breakdown Provides the guests with detail charge of each separated room per night for a better visualization and understanding of your booking charge.

The support provided by awebooking plugin author is very very good. Join to get all premium addons. Awebooking is both simple and powerful when it comes to its purpose: Extra services Add unlimited extra service packages for rooms with detail price and information. However, it is not harder to use than any other hotel booking WordPress plugins.



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