Wii backup manager 0.4.5

Wii backup manager 0.4.5

Native Win64 version now available. Now it creates a new email with your default client, using MAPI. All cover URLs etc.

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Support for disk partitions not recognised by Windows. Feedback form to report bugs qii. Column to show IOS version on the files page. The Game info vertical splitter resizer wasn't repositioned when setting position if the game info panel. App couldn't be terminated when there was an error writing the settings.

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Only single bckup supported for now. I got the Chinese languages mixed up, traditional and Simplified. JordantheBuizel Dec 13, When using some languages, the help menu was covered and the "New version" label wasn't anchored to the right side. Language file "settings dialog width" defaults to and made the settings dialog a bit larger.

Does anyone have a better link for this download that isn't full of tool bar addons and crap?

0.44.5 Loads of little things. Dual layer ISO size was wrong. I made a little comparision between WIT. Wii Backup Manager Build 65 Fixed: Option to hide drives. SHA-1 hash integrity test.

First to a temp location, then to the final location, which avoids any mix ups. For now, only WBFS discs with a bad header are considered to be corrupt.

There's an option to use unmounted volumes in the settings managsr. Compiler version back to Delphi 7, which seems to fix all the silly AVs. DVD write speed wasn't read correctly from the Settings.

See the main log for details on errors. Search titles only Posted by Member: Hopefully some people can find a use for it while I implement the same features wji WBM.

The following link appears to be still working: I would also like to be able to rebuild Wii ISOs, so I'm really tempted to write all the disc handling code from scratch. Problems with NPOT textures on systems that don't support it. Use whatever one you want.


Ability to use Wii discs that have invalid entries in the partition tables. Question Switch backup manager can it check for updates yet?

It should be handy to recover manage space after failed transfers with apps that don't handle it correctly. Win32 and Win64 versions are released in the same package. Allowing this would just be a waste of the user's time because the first files would be overwritten by the duplicates. Option "Target DVD write speed".



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