Sangrur kand

Sangrur kand

Patiala cops arrest three with 6 kg opium. The effect of blanching and freezing on osmotic dehydration of pumpkin. As jimikand contains high moisture content, hence drying is necessary for preserving it for a long time or converting into value added products. Fresh Sangeeta and Hathan , osmo-dried in salt solution Fig. Like pharmacological industry, jimikand has a great scope in the food industry for commercial exploitation.

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The first author kajd grateful to the Ministry of Human Resource Development and Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sangrur, Punjab for providing financial assistance in the form of institutional Fellowship.

Sangrur police bust interstate gang of drug peddlers, two arrested. Sometimes these tubers are referred sangeur famine crop, to be used when other staple crops are in short supply Sankaran and Palaniswami Int J Food Prop. Salt solution leads to a strong driving force for the OD because of low a w Mayor et al. In addition, lower a w can help to reduce the rate of adverse reactions to food such as browning, protein denaturation, fat oxidation and vitamin degradation Fernandez Ropar best performer, Sangrur worst in state.

Status papers and extended summary. Texture, microstructure and physicochemical characteristics of taro Colocasia esculenta as influenced by cooking conditions. Patiala cops arrest three with 6 kg opium.

Fruits and vegetable preservation methods and practices. Like hardness and a wsangfur content also decreased significantly in osmo-dried samples The lower values of non-enzymatic browning for osmo-air dried samples may be due to low a w of osmo-dried samples before hot-air drying as reduced a w limit the non-enzymatic browning Hoskin and Dimick The yield of phenols in methanol extract was significantly similar for both fresh hot-air dried 1.

The microstructure of fresh jimikand was affected strongly by hot-air drying, but cell damage was less when OD was used as a pre-treatment prior to hot-air drying. The higher b-value was observed for osmo-dried samples as compared to fresh jimikand sangru before and after hot-air drying.

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Therefore, the objective of the present work was to study the impact of OD at different concentrations of NaCl and temperatures on different quality parameters of jimikand. Rahul Gandhi listed as 'non-Hindu'.

In contrast, the low irritability of osmo-dried samples may be due to a reduction in oxalate content because of blanching, soaking, and osmotic temperature. As jimikand contains high moisture content, hence drying is necessary for preserving it for a sabgrur time or converting into value added products.

Effect of osmotic dehydration on a whardness and total oxalate content of jimikand cubes. The decreased a w of osmo-dried samples may be due to the incorporation of solute NaCl—a w depressant and kad of free water during OD.

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Handbook of analysis and quality control for fruit and vegetable products. The reduction in oxalate content makes osmo-dried jimikand nutritionally superior due to increase in bioavailability of minerals and other nutrients. After hot-air drying, a w of both the samples i.

This might be due to inhibition of browning by enzyme inactivation during blanching, and also due effect of OD in NaCl solution. Three killed in foam factory fire in Barnala village. As compared to kad sample 0. Please review our privacy policy. Abstract The aim of this work was to study the effect of osmotic dehydration on the quality of jimikand which can be used as an instant vegetable to get its nutritional and functional benefits.

From around the Web. Rehydration is one of the important quality parameters of dried food materials and can be considered as a measure of the injury caused by drying or treatment preceding drying.

J Sci Food Agric. Three women booked for forcing year-old girl to make physical relation with men. More dense and shrunken cell structure was observed for jimikand samples dried without OD as compared to osmo-air-dried samples. The convict was identified as Vikas Garg.



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