And then I ran into the buzz-saw of Community Requirements, and the types of behavior and acceptable conduct felt even more restrictive to me than outside the circle I was hoping to join. Especially folks who seem to belong to the secret club that teaches them the secret handshake from a very young age. Putting in mounds for my cucumbers and seeding and watering them. But beneath the surface, I remember a constant sense of doom and borderline panic always at the edge of my attention. What is it with all the red?

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So, on goes the mask. And what a pain in that ass that was. So, that saves me. Need to air myself out. My hope is that teachers will pro-actively increase their autism awareness as well as visualvo acceptance.

Thing is, I have to make a living. Without the burden of knowing that store-bought food comes to me thanks to someone not getting paid a living wage, and countless trucks on the road burning diesel.

By slowing down the social interactions with a joke or a smart-ass comment, I could get a few extra seconds to figure out what was happening between people and come up with a way to respond to them. But think clearly we must.

Social Stuff

Masking overall is not really a choice though in some circumstances we can chose to unmask ourselves. It could very well be that the problem isn't with visuakvox child's attitude or willingness to work, there might actually be some other hidden challenges they have, which they themselves are not even fully aware of. It gets easier, each time I go there.

Don't recall were I found them but it took some digging and thought I would share. So I had that going for me, as well. It apparently never occurred to anyone that I was actually struggling. One day, people were able to use the website.

Oh, glory and joy. I put my head down and soldier through. I have to keep focused. Then it started to rain. It does take a shift in orientation, a change of both mind and heart to fully appreciate the capabilities and challenges of kids on the spectrum, but I do believe that day is coming.

It was definitely a different dynamic, this time. Their gender rigidity was intense. So, where was I? Maybe if you contact them through that website they may be able to help you, because I suspect that site is promoting a later update of what you have.

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As a result, I had an actual weekend. But I used to do a lot in my off-hours. It is both a relative privilege and a survival strategy. But I never seem to fit well enough to be truly comfortable myself.

By now, I have figured out a few things. I wasn't trying hard enough.

There are two pumps, so I have to pump and visualvoz it myself, which is fine. Many of them only a few months. On top of the things I do for myself.

I suppose, on the surface, I looked normal. But it takes time with us.



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