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We were given one hour to finish the drawing. The society would also like to express our appreciation to all people that who were involved in this trip. It was an enjoyable and unforgettable trip. People can visit and comment, thanks.

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Please correct my grammatical errors. It’s such a worth sightseeing.

For student’s information, after “to” word, you should use root word. The society would also like to express appreciation to all people report essay example pmr involved in this trip. I blog about the teaching and learning of English in Malaysia and anything that piques my interest. The main objectives for this trip was to promote awareness of endangered animals in the wild.

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We did many things there such as sightseeing around the zoo, and taking part in the drawing competition and treasure hunt. Top cool ways to do presentations mohammad hammoud. It’s It was such a worth sightseeing.

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Cik Surayaone of our advisorstaken report essay example pmr the attendance at the school compound by eight on in the morning. Must say,it always interesting to read your posts,you are good writer! Active first rate rules smoking campus order pmr. We tour toured around the zoo for one hour from 9 a. Entitled school sport day buy papers.

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Next, we gathered in front of the zoo lake for the drawing picture competition. We were divided in to a few groups.

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