In addition to this, the External Services that could be accessed, viewed or connected through Apple Devices and Third Party Materials cannot be present in every language or country or region. Total license number that is given by licensor unless there is no subject license. Content of the License The license provided to you within the content of hereby this contract is only for the Application produced by Licensor and it is a non-transferable license that is assigned in order for application to be only used for devices that are controlled by you.

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Social media integrations, Facebook and Twitter shortcuts are placed here to help users share their thoughts, experiences with other users and the Browse2Go team. The quota shall be valid for 1 year within the date of obtaining license and it brosse2go be out of use after 1 year whatever the quota amount is.

Browse2Go compression technique enables transfered content data to be highly optimized and compressed. You accept not to change, rent, lend, sell, distribute any chapter of External Services under no condition and not make any transactions based on External Services and you shall not use External Services without permission including spreading computer virus, worm, Trojan horse or other harmful programs, entering into computer network without permission or forcing broqse2go capacity.

With Browse2Go you can reach desktop version of web sites, play millions of flash videos, games and applications, with content data transfer optimizations and without dns limitations and save bandwidth while doing all of these with Browse2Go.

In case of violation of this article, you may face a punitive enforcement in accordance with the legislations of your country or you may be required to pay a very high damage. Using External Services requires internet access, using certain External Services requires acceptance of additional terms by you. Enter any site, reach any content!

We use your Personal Information for four primary purposes: What information do we collect? In brwose2go to this, the External Services that could be accessed, viewed or connected through Apple Devices and Third Party Materials cannot be present in every language or country or region.

Licensor shall not declare that External Services are ready or present for your usage in any place.

You can do this under Browser Settings. The user name used to differentiate Apple Store users by Apple Inc. Like Us Follow Us. Currently Browse2Go works browse2ggo iPhone Models: Please read this agreement carefully.

Again, the browe2go cannot be copied, reverse engineered including jailbreak managementand converted to source codes, the source codes cannot be tried to be removed except the terms mentioned in this agreement; anyone except the licensor cannot make any changes or updates on it.

Before making any transaction in exchange market basing on the information obtained through External Services, you should consult to a professional finance or exchange market expert that could legally make financial and exchange hrowse2go service in your country or region.

Can I set Browse2Go as the default browser? What do we use your personal information for?

Browse2Go Web Browser – Flash Games and Videos

Browse2Go gives faster and cheaper web surfing browse2gk to users. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about our privacy practices, please contact us by e-mail at info mirsis. You may face with disturbing, improper or inconvenient materials upon using one of External Services and it could be or it could not be marked that the language used in these subject materials could be obscene and results of any search or entering into a specific URL could automatically and unintentionally give link or reference to inconvenient materials.

We use this information to send you updates as to our browse2gk or send announcements about new and exciting services that we offer. In addition, in some instances, you may be offered the opportunity to consent to the sharing of your information with a third party such as an event or promotion co-sponsor.

They may also combine it with other information to provide and improve our products, services, content, and advertising.

So we created this text, Privacy Policy to protect the information you share with us. Nevertheless, you accept to use External Services within your sole discretion and neither Licensor nor any of his representatives are responsible of disturbing, inconvenient or improper materials.

We use various technologies to collect information about your visit to our site and to enhance and customize your experience on our site. Upon dissolution of license, you shall end using the Licensed application and you shall destroy all or partial copies of Licensed Application.

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User can select and stream the video content from the list. Moreover, you accept that Licensor shall collect and use technical information that are periodically collected about your device and application and environment in order to ease the presentation of updates, product support and if there is other services about the Licensed Application.

Any part of External Services cannot be copied under any condition. Unfortunately, this action is not supported by Apple.

You will be deemed to accept this agreement with all terms including that you shall under no condition refund the fee for this application that is related with using all or any part of this application.



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