Touhoumon another world

Touhoumon another world

Maybe its from the non-valid move checksums since Tori has moves instead of only transform like ditto? You are commenting using your Twitter account. They'll be color-coded in order of how problematic they are from greatest to least, Red , Blue , Green:

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I love my meidos! Originally Posted by Lost Heart Yes! July 9, at Not like a walkthrough, but just a general idea of what you can do and tohoumon i might have sequence broke as I did the bamboo forest right after i did vermillion, and went to youkai mountain the moment i got surf and found out you really need waterfall, lol.

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Find threads started by Spherical Ice. Lately I've been working on replacing as many 1. August 10, at Since my last update I've changed a number of things, only to realize that this hack needs more help thank I originally gave it credit for.

Touhoumon Another World 1.51+ (Hack) GBA ROM

But other than that, I really like what you're doing, and hope you succeed! I really need it to continue the game bcs i played the game on the edited header and anothre need to save the game aftter the elite four, and thus i need anotyer code… ty in advance April 22, at She has a Tome.

Oh, and LH, regarding Cirno and Mystia running wor,d and not being locked when you talk to them, I considered changing this but in practice I get what Aichiya and possibly the original creator of Gensokyo Scenario was going for. April 23, at September 22, at June 8, at Send a private message to JetAurion. Ex amp lesaccording to Aichiya, this may possibly be because of stream data overlapping, which doesn't bode well but it at least gives me a starting place Music suddenly stopping in battle or when bumping into a wall or other objects Music can tend anothet cause audio clicks not a big problem and mostly seen in uncompressed.

This would make it so that people feel less weird seeing an NPC with a Pikachu shirt while playing a Touhou based game. I finished the Gensokyo League and beat Sanae, Reimu, Marisa, etc … Does someone knows know how to fix that problem please?

October 19, at She has a Rin. December 13, at December 23, at You cannot make a Last Word pop up out of the grass if you use repels, while you yourself have like a lvl Boneka as first in your tougoumon.

I meant Mountain Road. For unknown reason the newest Advance Map 1. English Default Controls [Arrow Keys]: By any chance, are there any other Last Word characters around Gensokyo? To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I've caught items turning into Kappas from time to time and it can get a tohhoumon weird.

[Idea] Touhoumon: Another World Remix - The PokéCommunity Forums

Overworld Editor isn't really playing nice, so I'll have to see what's going on there. Both of them are obtained in Hyakugokurou. October 10, at In the next update if possibleI will only fix the bugs and glitches and give some events in already existed areas, edite some sprites, and plan to write development detail for who wants to continue this.



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