Also, Southwest has purchased more of the s, which are better on saving fuel, than any other airline; making them the number buyer from Boeing. The airline industry suffered a major financial decrease in from the critical economic conditions, but Southwest was still holding strong, while other airline companies were in debt. Services such as on-time performance, baggage handling and overall customer satisfaction, has rewarded them to be the “triple crown? Southwest Airline has a strong combative can-do attitude ingrained in its corporate culture. This is because employe.

As of today, Southwest Airlines is one of the most successful airlines in the struggling airlines economy. K , Macroenvironmental Analysis for Strategic Management. Previously, claims of Southwest airlines being unsafe was threatening, and would cost the business progress incase the FAA took action. The internal strengths of the company lie within its corporate culture, and motivated and committed workforce. A Case Analysis Length: They have already proven to be one of the best, so the issue now lies on sustaining it.

This can be a threat as customers are increasingly involving environmental concerns in their purchase decisions. One of the southwest airlines case analysis essay celebrated leaders of the company was Herb Kelleher, under whose leadership the company prospered for almost four decades, including its formative struggles. It is quite known that the airline industry has very high barriers to entry.

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Southwest Airlines has the confidence that they can raise prices and not lose customers. Southwest Airlines can use its huge customer base to sell ancillary product apart from free add-ons service in its flights.

Southwest Airlines has faced fierce competitive environment and averted intense market entry barriers over the years to emerge as a highly successful and sustainable airline business.

Traffic feed is the industry’s lifeblood and stand-alone carriers will be labored to carry low-revenue point-to-point traffic when front with airlines able to offer manifold route alliances. Southwest airlines case analysis essay application of hedging and purchase of fuel options in advance can place the business at a risk.

This ought to be a continuous procedure throughout 5 year period. And since there is always a great demand for traveling services in the US, Southwest can take full advantage of its profitability to optimize its opportunity to expand operations. Fuel costs may reduce in the future, making the company to make huge losses Cohen, Such a state has been facilitated by the U. Southwest airlines case analysis essay scenario was facilitated by its fuel hedging contracts which were perceived to be of less value owing to declining gasoline prices.

The idea has proven itself so well, that other start-up airlines have based their company strategies upon the basics of Southwest Surprisingly, Kelleher was an adherent of conservatism when it came to the financial side of southwest airlines case analysis essay business Thompson and Gamble, Southwest airlines have been rated to have the best quick turnaround services, taking minutes with flights above daily.

All of these options are based on the Southwest existing core southwest airlines case analysis essay and management dominant logic view as identified in the internal analysis. Services such as on-time performance, baggage handling and overall customer satisfaction, has rewarded them to be the “triple crown? SWA has been faced by an increasing exposure to a raw oil market yearly and high stiff competition due to the U.

Southwest Airlines: A Case Analysis

Business Case Analysis Strategy]. This fare offers early boarding privileges to passengers along with extra Rapid Rewards Anthony, The key to their success and continued success was due to the company being known as having low-costs and keeping their employee to company and company to customer relationships strong, by making every customer and employee feel important.

It is important for the company to improve some of its strategies in order to respond to what could be southwest airlines case analysis essay possible changes in their environment.

Essay UK – http: SWA should adopt a system of assigned seats which would serve southwest airlines case analysis essay as a reservations technology, hence promoting convenience and efficient services among customers.

It does not have any particular weaknesses in its current corporate strategy. Though this may show that Southwest is definitely a leader in the airline industry, it is somehow disadvantageous for the company in the long run. Business Marketing Strategy Management Analysis]. Fuel costs remain a major concern for the entire airline industry. Skype is a free computer program that people can video chat for as long as they want, whereas flying to another state or overseas can cost a company an southwest airlines case analysis essay amount, leaving companies that are short on money to convert to an electronic approach to business meetings.

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Such distinct achievement can only be achieved by keenly evaluating the threats, and weakness the company faces and act on them. Suggestions for a Successful Change.

Understanding the environment in which a company operates is a critical element of a rational approach towards strategic management. Southwest only serves few destinations outside U.

Essay UK offers professional custom essay writing, dissertation writing and coursework writing service. Opportunities Southwest airlines have an opportunity to venture into international market airlines directly.

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Furthermore, the airline industry is faced with increased competition and is no longer as lucrative as before in conjunction with the price wars, thus making survival southwest airlines case analysis essay for new entrants.

SWA airline has adopted the plan of profit sharing from the U. This can be adopted in the final phase after going global under joint venture in year three.