Adamk evolution rig

Adamk evolution rig

Dear Jesus, if you are here, I know you can hear me. I kept the case of god open. Posted May 7, at 6: Posted May 7, at 5:

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Adamk evolution rig

They made some very bold claims and given me a great deal to think about. I thought sometimes I was asking for too much. Well, you can imagine, the more I looked the more I found that religion was nothing more than an invention of the human mind.

The introduction to Hitler and the Holocaust became for me a tearing need to understand it. Delusions are necessarily deviations from reality. Started questioning and reading other history books.

The complete lack of evidence is my main reason now for being an atheist, backed up now acamk my further self-education of the Problem of Evil, the current research on the implausibility of any of the Abrahamic religions claims of history showing no evidence even of any of the characters having ever being real, and by reading dozens evokution books by atheists. So I opened my heart and nothing happened; I was alone in there.

I describe trying to explain it to them as something like building a bridge across the ocean starting from the middle. But then the Internet happened. The other story that sticks in my mind was about a rjg year old boy in our parish who had choked to death. I was raised Pentecostal, which means I was in a fundamentalist religion.

But now I was questioning. The Rig Veda is full of great stories, but is an extremely boring read a lot of the time. I like to think I would have worked it out anyway even if I had been indoctrinated, but who knows?

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It may sound silly, but was it religion that gave me my Nintendo and Super Mario Bros? Perhaps we just had rlg teachers at that age. Deep down I thought the whole notion of god and Jesus and all that was just plain silly.

Then, at 17, I thought: On a more personal note, my first crush in high school was this girl who had a lot of problems with suicide and depression. After joining the online atheist community, I realized that the god concept was incoherent — at least, I have never come upon a meaningful definition.

I often say that there could be evidence for something godlike, but to call it God in the sense that is referred to in classic theism is unjustifiable no matter what the evidence is. So I undertook my first steps into critical thinking. That still leaves the door open for deism and probably even a sort of pantheism a door which will be closed when I give me second answerand maybe even the possibility of an afterlife of sorts though obviously not one which could ever interact with this world, as the utter lack of credible evidence attests.

I was considering becoming a priest from the ages of 18 — It was very helpful to have parents partially atheistic. I was brought up culturally Jewish by parents who were not very observant, although some members of the extended family were quite observant.

Scientific training makes me at least pretend to! I grew up in the church and was more effected by the positive evidence for lies and hypocrisy all around me.

Cat paws = teddy bears « Why Evolution Is True

Who honestly believes, for instance, that the earth is supported on evilution backs of four elephants who are standing on a turtle? We cannot, by definition, tell the difference. I was rather stupefied to find out how into this stuff some people were. But in a nutshell: My goodness there are allot of responses! I wanted to know how things worked.



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I am final, I am sorry, but, in my opinion, there is other way of the decision of a question.