Doom gles android

Doom gles android

Visita il sito web. Aggiungi alla lista desideri. I have been in contact with Zenimax brand protection team to solve the issue.

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Survive in a deadly asteroid field by creating chain reactions to destroy them.

Aggiungi alla lista desideri. Una porta sorgente del glea di Quake per Cartone VR. Ritraduci la descrizione in Inglese Stati Uniti Traduci. I've contacted them many times using the same email address removals google. I've also tried to use the useless forms from the dev website the only way to contact them. Not a single reply. Automatic systems send back useless replies almost immediately in substance: Visita il sito web.

D-GLES for Android

So I decided to create a new app following what we agree with Zenimax. According to the email from Google, it will only been republished if Zenimax contacts Google to tell them they agree with that. Maggiori dettagli sulla riproduzione di giochi commerciali e pwads personalizzati qui: Probably my account is monitored by their bots and if I post anything close to Doom, it will be shutted down automatically. I have been in contact with Zenimax brand protection team to solve the issue.

Tutti i marchi sono utilizzati secondo i termini del fair use: When I published the alpha version, only visible by me, it has been immediately suppressed by a Google bot for "IP infringement". Then, they emailed Google to tell them they are not opposed anymore to the publication of my app. Nei giochi D-Gles, tu sei un soldato che combatte orde di demoni su strani pianeti!

DoomGLES for Android

Kokak is not connected with "id Software". I've decided also to keep the new app name and icon, and change all the screenshots to avoid future complaints. The main complaint was the presence of the shareware wad in the app.

Zenimax reviewed the new app description and all the assets. Segnala come non appropriata.

A gamepad is highly recommended, without it you could run the app, but not really enjoy it because of the lack of buttons. Right stick heading support. Google never reinstated the apps.

Tradurre la descrizione in Italiano Italia utilizzando Google Traduttore? Doom GLES ยป

Italiano Acquistando questo articolo, esegui una transazione con Google Payments e accetti i relativi Termini di servizio e Informativa sulla privacy. Recensioni Norme relative alle recensioni.

More details on playing commercial games and custom pwads here: All trademarks are used under the terms of fair use:



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