Hexstatic exactshit

Hexstatic exactshit

Stuart then invented Holo-Gauze. They escaped with only a single parking ticket. A mix CD Pick'n'Mix:

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Hexstatic - Exactshit Bootleg

Stuart approached Greenpeace asking for use of their stock footage of wildlife and logging operations and in return Greenpeace could use the finished project in their campaigns and presentations. Inthey produced music videos for artists such as The Fall and Queen Latifah as well as graphics for television stations.

This was soon followed by Natural Rhythm and Timber. Archived from the original on 20 June Hexstatic present Trailer Trax was a solo digital release by Robin Brunson and was given away for free via Bandcamp in Dec In Septemberthey projected video on a huge water screen over the Exacctshit Thames in London as part of the Thames Festival.

Both wanted to combine their video talents with music. Stuart then invented Holo-Gauze.

Retrieved 17 May Natural Rhythm featured insects, birds and other wildlife as well as a tribesman playing a flute like instrument. During this time they also performed live visuals for clubs and chillouts.

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The anti- deforestation message is quite clear even before the industrial machinery makes its appearance towards the end of the track. Its tone is more plaintively political, opening with majestic images of the sunset over a forest of immensely beautiful trees then quickly shifting with a clap of thunder to a telegraph button punching out the dots and dashes of a Morse code SOS distress call.

A year later they included the game along with rave visuals, techno and ambient music all on one CD-ROM billed as a "multi dimensional future entertainment product. It was released in hfxstatic They completed the world's first audio-visual album which was previewed at the onedotzero festival in London at the ICA.

Retrieved from " https: Each video employed increasingly more complex hexstatif and splicing techniques culminating with the award-winning Timber. They have stated that the vector graphics they have used in some of their videos were inspired by the arcade game Battlezone.

It featured time stretching techniques made possible by the newest CD mixing technology. A patented technology for holgraphic effects that supports stereoscopic 3D.

Archived from the original on The band's involvement with current technological development has not lessened its infatuation with older technologies. This machine has the ability hexstagic live mix audio and video in the same way one would a simple audio disc. Hexstatic live in ChristchurchNew Zealand, Archived from the original on 23 December Electronicatrip hophousebreakbeat.

Brunson had been working in computer animation and producing and DJing for Skint records offshoot Undr 5's as Rareforce. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pixelsurgeon Creative Consultants Ltd. They also have performed at the huge Electraglide raves in Japan before 10, people. Sanctuary Records gave Robin Brunson access to its large back catalogue of works, resulting in an eclectic mix of hip hoprock and reggae from artists as diverse as Grandmaster FlashThe Kinks and the Harry J Allstars.

Views Read Edit View history. In contradiction to many DJ purists who only use vinyl, Hexstatic and Hex before them have consistently demonstrated a willingness and even a passion for bleeding edge technologies.

Much of their music involves integrated visual experiences, and both of their main album releases have been CD and DVD combinations; the latest, Master-Viewincludes 3D " exadtshit " versions of some of their music videos and comes packaged with 3D glasses.

A mix CD Pick'n'Mix:



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