Once all simulation objects have been instatiated, the initialization phase begins Entity subclasses call their init method , and finally SSF. Management of global traffic patterns. DML is simple and easy to read and write directly by modelers. See viewgraph 1 on parallel performance on a multiprocessor SUN Enterprise server. OS approach to efficient, configurable protocol graph design has been inspired by the x-kernel , but the design of SSF.

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Scalable Simulation Framework

Scalable high performance Java simulation platforms, often distributed at no cost for research purposes. Nicol designed, implemented and analyzed a number of very efficient techniques for parallel discrete event simulators. OS provides significant performance optimizations by implementing zero-copy message processing and protocol method call chaining.

Partition of a DML network model for parallel execution is controlled by an optional string-valued alignment attribute of Hosts, Routers, Links and Nets.

Parametrization and reflection in SSF models is achieved by the pairing of classes implementing the Configurable interface with DML schemas: Internet modeling has been led by Andy Ssfneet. Out-of-core storage of routing table information is now supported as an experimental feature. A public-domain standard for attribute databases for model configuration and verification.

SSFNet: The Scalable Simulation Framework Network - ExtremeTech

The network configuration files are in safnet DML format. This architecture makes it simple to add a new protocol without any changes to the framework, provided its main class is ssfneh from ProtocolSession, and if desired comes with a private DML configuration that extends the base ProtocolSession's DML schema.

It also contains the class dmlConfig that can sstnet and parse the DML files and produce the corresponding runtime searchable Configuration objects. OS has been originally inspired by the x-kernelbut the design of SSF. Networking research with the SSFNet tools can help address a number of modeling and simulation challenges, such as: DML is an application-independent package: Net hide all details of the discrete event simulator Ssfnef API, allowing to implement the protocols like for a real operating system.

A gallery of baseline networks has been installed; it contains DML models of large, realistic BGP topologies, heavily congested networks, and validation models, together with model descriptions and associated publications.

SSFNet models are self-configuring - that is, each SSFNet class instance can autonomously configure itself by querying a configuration database, which may be locally resident or available over the Web.

Above, "" is the value of the requested simulation end time in seconds; and D: OS is simpler, and it differs from the x-kernel in many ways. DML is simple and easy to read and write directly by xsfnet. Two derivative frameworks, SSF. Some of the things you can learn about from this site include: At the same time, DML is intended as a target of network design and validation tools, and as a machine-independent model exchange format suitable for storage in databases.

This includes modeling scalability with number of nodes, traffic flows, bandwidth, system heterogeneity, as well as performance scalability with number of processors. SSF is then responsible for transparently mapping this directive onto available machine resources.

Parametrization and reflection in SSF models is achieved by the pairing of classes implementing the Configurable interface with DML schemas:.

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Net for modeling network connectivity, creating node and link configurations. Net have been implemented by Jim Cowie, improving the early design used by Ogielski and his students.

Net invokes its method startAlland the simulation begins with simulation time value equal to 0 sec. A link with more than two attached interfaces implicitly performs level-2 routing of IP packets sent on any attached interface. OS in x-kernel style.

These classes allow to create an abstract protocol graph and install in it any combination of protocols in a generalized sense, including not only IP, TCP, BGP, etc. The latest SSFNet distribution: Management of parallel random number streams, employing a suite of strong random number generators and statistics from the CERN Colt package.

At the low level, the parallel execution is achieved by the SSF simulator kernel by maintaining multiple event queues, and executing them on multiple processors with proper synchronization.



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