Sabhuku vharazipi 2

Sabhuku vharazipi 2

Mutasa speaks on derby final with Shabanie. This is just someone who is trying to gain mileage for his film about Mayaya. They said they were given 97 and 87 DVDs each respectively as payment for the role they played in the drama. Feb 12, 23,

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What they will do on Christmas Day? Next Post Tsvangirai rules out revolt over mayor.

In the video, Vharazipi played his comic village head figure which made the video a pleasure to watch. Home September 2 News Sabhuku Vharazipi producers appeal for funds.

Govt plots opposition clampdown. If we carefully review the article, we can see that Vharazipi sold discs without surrendering remittances to ZIYA. I think it was supposed to be less after calculating all those expenses incurred in the process of selling. What they will do on Christmas Day? Man murders wife, stashes corpse in concrete floor. Caps sign Nyoni, Chitiyo.

No going back on Aids drug: Chiwenga Guard connives with murder suspect to escape from custody. Now that the group is fame the likes of ZIYA are getting involved for what? DeMbare empire on fire. Vharazipi turns to Magaya.

Sabhuku Vharazipi in trouble over $k - NewsDay Zimbabwe

Boy sodomised during vharazipu service after being offered icecream. The title of the comedy is metaphorical for one who is left exposed. Director Wellington Chindara confirmed the film was ready and will be out soon.

Besides the local dramas, Sabhuku Vharazipi has also featured in other ventures such as music videos for artists, radio and television campaigns. Vharazipi turns to Magaya.

Sabhuku Vharazipi 2 | Zollywood

I once bumped into these actors in places i thought were too remote. Breaking Govt plots opposition clampdown No going back on Aids drug: Vharazipi turns to Magaya.

Prev Post Boy sodomised during church service after being offered icecream. Our disagreements were centred on the use of funds that we received from well-wishers. Striking doctors are hypocrites: Go digital, schools urged. However, there are allegations that Chindara who also acts as the truck driver in Vharazipi 1 was living large and spending lots of money on himself. Among them were villagers from Zvamahande in Masvingo, who had not benefited in spite of their role in making the production a success.

He was also quoted in another newspapers saying that he said he was working with Plan International Zimbabwe in a programme called Theatre for Development where they were disseminating vhaeazipi to schools and communities about child rights, abuse, the girl child and women issues.

The trio, however, failed to defend the litigation and on October 18 this year, the trust approached the court seeking a default judgment which was granted by High Court judge Justice David Mangota. In Masvingo many people thank me for that and I even heard that most rural folks are now referring to their respective headmen eabhuku Sabhuku Vharazipi.

Sabhuku Vharazipi in trouble over $218k

The project belongs to VZ so I think if Ziya was engaging VZ they were supposed to remit a certain amount as he is the one who was supposed to enjoy the fruits of those dramas. MDC Alliance supporters jailed for assaulting rival. On the contrary I think Ziya are not being honest here?



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