Chillin in the backwoods

Chillin in the backwoods

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Wordsplayed] Goin' down, NY City don't sleep, let me close one eye City don't weep, grown boys don't cry Four wings with the pork fried, oh my I'm schemin' up, teamin' up, lay it up Screamin' out buckets, buckets They don't even know me but swear that I did it for duckets, my Lord We brought Sosa back to the minors Lord help me, the money look major She only love things that are finer And she lookin' fine, boy, I tell you That's two doors with the ceiling gone That's five-four with the silicone I guess Mr.

Credits Lyrics powered by www. Bust this, the Queen of Spain knows what my real name is Our time is runnin short so I'll bid you farewell You know this cut is so def, that you have been overwhelmed Be cool, be chill, relax, have no fear.

Le Scimmie Sulla Luna. Password Compilare il campo Password Il campo Password deve avere almento 6 caratteri Le password devono coincidere. The objective, of this musical extravaganza is to enlighten you, stanza by stanza Verse after verse, have been precisely arranged Rearranged and then changed until the best remained The result being, this incredible song So for at least eight hours a day, you'll have this record on In the morning and at night in your room And all through the afternoon, you will be listening, mentally rapped up in the cut Some people will sit down and some will choose to get up But whatever you choose, just keep your ear to the wax Because we got somethin def that other rappers lack We haven't been able to put our fingers on what it is But it's different and it's def and it appeals to kids and teens and adults and senior citizens too And I'd be willing to bet, that it appeals to you, too!

So if you're not into rap, give us a chance to change your mind, and to make you dance to this lyrical miracle, this musical discovery But yo I wanna chill for a second, yo Jeff, cover me It's like paradise, this music is nice It makes you hot if you want it too, or twice as cold as ice It brings love to the heart of a criminal With this subliminal power, all the women'll flock while all the guys rocks, when it's on your box It gained us a much bigger reputation than the White Sox You may ask yourself are we that famous?

Doe or die way,? He throws it in, he's wide open Don't miss, don't miss [Marv Albert: You know I couldn't resist This is a finger roll, look at the flicka da wrist That's an assist, no I insist Throw me the alley, I'll oop it Spanish girl up in my hood Look me in the face said, "Don't be estupid", I got it Look, shawty I'm the professor, get the lab coat I speak two languages, Spanglish and infact-os Coach told me no lollygaggin' Still dunk with my pants saggin' One sixteen, yeah, it's tatted Cause I been ridin', no bandwagon Look, I done came down Nate told me that's H-Town But I'm Boeheim, when it's game time That's a lay up, but I never lay it down You ain't even pray for the dinner How you got the prayin' hands on the 'gram for the picture?

Jawga Boyz - Chillin In The Backwoods (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Chords - Chordify

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Chillin in the Backwoods. Per poter seguire un artista occorre Prestare il consenso. Chillin in the Backwoods - Jawga Boyz.

Chillin In The Backwoods by JAWGA BOYZ

Hai dimenticato la password? Show more similar songs He said, "Wait up, hold up She fly, love God, and she got a good mind Oh boy, that's a layup!

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