Dopod 818 pro software

Dopod 818 pro software

To enter owner information Entering and displaying owner information are best practices; they allow someone to return the device to you in case it is lost. Unsupported chart types are changed to one of these supported types: Following is a summary. To play an item on a network Use the Open URL command to play a song or video that is stored on the Internet or on a network server.

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By default, the newly captured video files are named with a prefix and some sequential numbers, such as,and so on. The message will be sent the next time you synchronize your device. To change your display name 1. Tap to open the Comm Manager screen. To set up a conference call 1. Once the program has been installed on your PC, the wizard will automatically transfer the program to your device.

DOPOD PRO User manual |

To create a voice note 1. Turns the sound on or off.

Tap the Insert icon to select and insert a photo or video clip. To protect your device with a password 1. Change Media synchronization settings Softdare you select the Media information type in ActiveSync to be synchronized, any of your favorite music, video, and picture files in Windows Media Player playlists can be synchronized. Domain Enter the domain of the outgoing e-mail server.

To change recording formats 1.

How can I upgrade my dopod 818 pro to WM6?

The MIDlet Manager allows you to download Java applications, such as games and tools that are specifically designed for mobile devices. To set up an e-mail account You need to set up an e-mail account that you have with an Internet service provider ISP or an account that you access using a VPN server connection typically a work account before you can send and receive mail. Enter a passkey and tap Next. This pack consists of: Specify the maximum time or file size for recording.

However, you can manually stop recording the video anytime. When you lift the stylus, the drawing is selected.

On the MMS screen, tap New. To start ZIP on your device 1. Getting Connected 71 For more information about the configuration settings for ActiveSync, see Chapter 4. Tip For help with writing characters with Block Recognizer, tap the question mark near the writing area. Do the gesture by drawing a line straight up and back down. Select this check box to ensure that the backlight remains turned on while you view the incoming video stream, overriding your device backlight settings.

Tap the Battery power tab, or the External power tab. If you prefer typed text, set Typing as the default input mode. The messages on your device and e-mail server are synchronized: You need to enter the PIN whenever you use your device. At the bottom of each screen, you can open a Menu. To select a sorting order 1. As with other mobile radio transmitting equipment, users are advised that for satisfactory operation of the equipment and for the safety of personnel, it is recommended that no part of the human body be allowed to come too close to the antenna during operation of the equipment.

For personal assistance, please contact us. You can select up to seven items. In the note list, tap New. Note the following Excel Mobile formatting considerations:



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