M.anifest blues

M.anifest blues

Fantastic production work too. Newer Post Older Post Home. The one's you met might have become appropriately Ghanianised. But in general it's a fun word, and makes any visitor to Ghana feel a tad more native. Friday, June 3, M.

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Selected comments from this YouTube video's discussion thread are also included in this post.

M.anifest – Blue (Chale What Dey Happen)

Chale can be used m.snifest almost any context, and it might be easiest for me to just point out some examples: This word being heard by the Ghanaians at the base was taken away and used in their own accent would sound more like Chale than Charlie.

This post also provides information about the Ghanaian term "Chale The content of this post is presented for etymological, cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

Visitor comments are welcome. Ghanaian cultureGhanaian music and danceGhanaian rap musicYouTube viewer comment threads. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Posted by Azizi Powell at 8: And thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube. Posted by Meghabeast" -snip- selected comments from that post: Home is where my heart is Torn from home, could be so heartless Visual memoirs of a travelling artist Case of the blues I got it the baddest [Hook 2: All the MAdina scenes, even some familiar faces That is too much!

I guess it would be a Ghanaian version of slang affectionate terms for friends like dude or bro. Did you see that goal? But in general it's a fun word, and makes any visitor to Ghana feel a tad more native.

Song produced by G Mo -snip- Selected comments from this video's discussion thread: Tell me what happened! I realize these are all strangely in masculine form, but I have also noticed males using it more than females!

Megoo, June 20, "Hey! M.aniest one's you met might have become appropriately Ghanianised. This is what we need, showing our real lives in Africa and not copying blindly!!!

Manifest – Blue(Charley What Dey Happen) | thecritic.info

Newer Post Older Post Home. I have never heard a Nigerian say Chale! We need more of this. I've encountered it in conversation with Ghanaians, Nigerians, and even in an autobiography from Sierra Leone note: Here's one hugely underrated rapper. Either way, it's fun to say.

See it First: M.anifest – Blue (Chale what dey happen)

All copyrights remain with their owners. Get it on itunes: Chaley what dey happen? It came from the American G. Friday, June 3, M. Plus, it's an easy read. Local friends in Ghana use it all the time to mean 'my guy'. Over the years it has come to be commonly known to mean 'my friend'.



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