Preditah red bull ep

Preditah red bull ep

In , Preditah made a surprising venture into more accessible territory with the house singles "Supernaturally" and the Craig David-sampling "Selecta. Or get the Slacker Radio App to play this station -- and hundreds more! Dont worry, you can easily transfer your ticket to your friend later!

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UK Music Blog: Preditah - Red Bull EP

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A defining feature of inclined sets for almost 3 months, Preditah's colossal 'Red Bull' instrumental is the young preditahh latest grimy tour de force. Nas — Life Is Good What? You'll find amazing screening experiences too - especially the EPL, Champions League, cricket matches and more.

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​Preditah shows us his ‘Blank Canvas’

Unsure if you would be able to go? Merky Ace — Eff Tizzy What?

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Whoa, are you in two places at once? Watch your favourite artists, live - at festivals, club shows, gigs or concerts. Need to sign up? Birmingham, England's Nathan Gerald, better known as Preditah, fp one of the leading producers of grime's instrumental resurgence during the s. Popular News Articles Prfditah. Quite possibly the best thing to ever come out of Swindon, Josh Kumra releases his debut solo single. Login or Create Account Keep Listening. Music Share with friends: Angel — Wonderful What?

Monki & Friends EP 2014

Since bursting on to the scene last spring after notable heavy backing from JME, Preditah has released only 3 EPs, a move that has played into the hands of a rapidly growing, dedicated fan base and created a producer hype-factor unseen since the days of Maniac - quite predutah statement in itself.

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