Rednex old pop in an oak

Rednex old pop in an oak

Login with Google Error: Enter Rednex in the field Interpret. It's a VERY old song about "poppin an oak"!

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The Best of the West. Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [24]. Add your thoughts 2 Comments.

General Comment Ho absolutely funny that someone thought it wass about seeing her father in a coffin! Old Pop In An Oak song meanings. Retrieved 3 February Finland Suomen virallinen lista [9].

It's a VERY old song about "poppin an oak"! There was an error. Belgium Wn 50 Flanders [3].

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Retrieved from " https: The first verse seems to verify this with the woman saying she got choked up seeing him in oxk coffin. Retrieved 12 May Old pop in an oak, pop in an oak Once you could hear the sucker linger show Thought I ever gonna see my old pop in an oak Ever gonna see his old pipe in a smoke Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

Old Pop in an Oak

It is essentially a nonsensical song that relies on a catchy beat and the band's trademark blend of Eurodance and country to carry it; melodically and stylewise it is extremely similar to the earlier single " Cotton Eye Joe ppop, however, the central theme seems to be that the father Pop climbed up an oak tree to get away from his wife whose pet skunk he cooked on a grill.

Log in to add a tag. Retrieved 22 January Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! Archived from the original on 5 November Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [19].

I can't stop laughin that someone thought it was about seeing daddy in a coffin! User does not exist.

Old Pop in an Oak - Wikipedia

The song reached number one in many countries, including AustriaBelgiumDenmarkFinlandand Sweden. Lyrics submitted by stargazer LoL Now do you get the referrence to the "circlyn smoke? It is about getting a hard on! Europe Eurochart Hot [8]. Specifically a term used in the gay community is "poppin an oak" refering to rather quickly putting just the head of your penis in and out of the anus repestedly and quickly! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You will love it, her not so much! I think the title of the song is referencing a father dying and being in a coffin "an oak". Retrieved 23 February Select single in the field Format. Login with Google Error: Enter Rednex in the field Interpret.



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