Skunk girl by sheba karim

Skunk girl by sheba karim

She's not fighting against her Pakistani heritage or her Muslim mores, she's just trying to fit them in with her own view of life which is what ALL teens do regardless of upbringing or religion. I really enjoyed reading it. This insecurity is merely mentioned in passing once or twice or thrice. The reporter stated that the killer was a quiet guy who was a loner and never attended social events.

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While navigating teen romance from the outside, she begins to discover more about herself and ultimately becomes more accepting of her "differences". Jan 23, pdbkwm rated it liked it. No sleepovers, no parties, no talking to boys and many more… While her friends enjoy weekend and parties, Ggirl has to stay at home and study.

Sheba Karim

What I liked about the book is beautiful character developments and beautiful syeba of telling story. You can find out more here: She's now allowed to date, nor can she go to parties or school dances.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I laughed at Nina's woes concerning her South Asian "curse" and sympathized as her parents heaped responsibility and tradition upon her, but I hoped that she would eventually appreciate her parents, her family, her culture.

Accepting yourself, though challenging, seems achievable. And she has hair…growing…everywhere. Return to Book Page. Lists with This Book.

Many might complain that Nina whined. Luckily the only one who has seen this is the cute boy she likes Select a City Close.

Sheba Karim - Pande Literary

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Language used is simple yet catchy.

Mar 19, Kricket rated it really liked it Shelves: As a general r An interesting take on teen angst from a Muslim perspective, with an engaging narrator and a sympathetic portrayal of her strict but loving family.

Traumatized with her facial hair, she feels more humiliated when Asher catches a glimpse of the dark line of hair starting from the nape of her neck running down the middle of her back like a skunk stripe. When Asher moves to Dee Nina Khan is a Pakistani-American, Muslim teenager who feels like her life is slowly being constricted to death!

The reporter stated that the killer was a quiet guy who was a loner and never attended social events.

So, you will often hear see me say that I had no idea what a book was about before picking it up. But lots of things about teen life are just the same. It's refreshing to read a book about a girl grl accepts A fun read about a girl with regular teen girl problems likes the new boy, unsure of herself, living in the shadow of her brilliant older sister, etc.

Literary structure might allow you to do one, but not having either a point or a conclusion, makes the book fall flat. Nov 20, Terry rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 26, else fine rated it liked it Shelves: To be honest, it's a forgettable story.

Though Nina loves and appreciates her parents, she wishes they would let her have more of a social life.

I know, I know - it's mostly because she is a person of color with a completely different culture than my own, but I had to say it. All in all, she learns to grow into her own, and accept herself and her background. Apr 16, Namratha rated it really liked it Shelves: Sep 09, Patricia rated it really liked it Shelves: Viral pictures of diva Sakshi Malik.

The strict parents remain likeable and readers see the good things about their stable and loving home, while still sympathizing with the daughter's frustrations about fitting in or experiencing "normal" teen life.



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